10 days of technical visits to the 57th Quebec Games final

The first official step towards implementing the competitions

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The 57th Quebec Games final will take place from July 21-29, 2023 in Rimouski. Mosky gaming mascot with Chantal Bellon, General Manager.

* Collaboration Catherine Loser, Deputy General Manager – Communications and Mobilization – Final 57 of the Quebec Games in Rimouski.

From May 2 to 12, 2022, the Organizing Committee for the 57th Final of the Quebec Games (COFJQ – 2023) will conduct the first round of technical visits to the 21 competition sites.

In the presence of some members SPORTSQUEBEC, COFJQ-2023 will meet with sports federations whose discipline is presented during the July 2023 Final in order to verify compliance of relevant competition platforms and venues. This is a crucial step in determining the final of Rimouski.

Giant job

Over several weeks, the COFJQ-2023 Sports Operations and Logistics Team have worked hard to prepare for these visits, which are the cornerstone of the preparation and execution of high-quality competition venues for the final match.

“Technical visits are an opportunity for sports federations to come and see the networks proposed by COFJQ-2023 and to ensure that they meet the minimum and ideal standards required to hold competitions. It will also be an opportunity for COFJQ-2023 to validate proposals for relevant buildings and first drafts of site planning,” he outlines Emilie St-Pierre, Assistant General Manager – Sports Operations and Participant Services.

In order to meet the requirements of the federations and allow athletes to compete on high-quality competition platforms, COFJQ-2023 operates with a specification of more than thirty pages, for each of the thirteen federations. These specifications are drawn up and sent to the federations and analyzed thoroughly by the Sports Coordinator who ensures that nothing is omitted.

The role of sports federations

Sports federations have the authority to manage sports in their field of specialization, which includes in particular the regulations, results and format of competitions. They are also responsible for appointing senior officials and validating the field of competition for the Quebec Games finals.

Their role in preparing for the Quebec Games Final is to accompany the Organizing Committee with regard to the management of the sport and provide them with all the information and support needed to achieve the most appropriate competition for the athletes.

SPORTSQUEBEC, The company that oversees the Quebec Games finals is also attending these technical visits to provide support and expertise to the organizing committee.

Improvement of sports facilities

The vast majority of the outdoor sports fields that will host the competitions have undergone or should undergo improvements or upgrades in view of the 2023 Grand Final. A new shooting range will be completed this summer, in addition to the overhaul of the artificial surface at the Guillaume-Leblanc sports complex, bike paths will be improved mountain in Beauséjour Park, and five new beach volleyball fields to be built this fall, not to mention improvements to the football and baseball fields.

“One of our great pride is the investment of nearly four million dollars which has made it possible to build a high-quality athletics track that will allow regional competitions to be held in the future. This infrastructure is fantastic and, like the other sites and equipment that will be used for the Games, will constitute a precious legacy for the citizens of Rimouski as well as for the clubs The different sports that play there,” he rejoices Chantal Bellon, General Manager.

Final 57 of the Quebec Games – Rimouski 2023

In 2019, Rimouski was officially named the host city for the 57th Final of the Quebec Games. Originally scheduled for July 2022, the event has been postponed to summer 2023 due to the pandemic. To date, more than 20 people have been assigned to COFJQ – 2023, and at the end of 2022, more than 40 employees will work to organize this extraordinary event. From July 21-29, 2023, no less than 19 sports majors, spread over two blocks, will be presented during this summer’s final. The city of Rimouski is preparing to receive 3,500 athletes, 1,500 escorts and nearly 125,000 visitors over the 9 days of competition.

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