10 things your cat hates you should absolutely avoid!

You think you know everything about your cat. The life of cats has no secrets for you. But do you really know what scares or annoys a cat?

Our cats are like stuffed animals. Soft and cuddly, they are able to heal us with their purrs. Of course, they can also annoy us. When they lose their hair, they scratch furniture, constantly meow at doors or windows, etc.

And sometimes you don’t understand your cat’s reactions. To help you understand, here are ten things cats really don’t like and shouldn’t do with your cat.

to feel noticed

Cats don’t like to be watched. Of course, there is nothing cuter than cats sleeping, stretching their sweet tummy, taking care of themselves, or playing ball. It makes you want to watch it all day long. However, felines hate to be stared at all the time, especially in the eyes. This should be avoided as much as possible.

At best, your cat will feel unsettled. At worst, he will be frightened and may attack you. In the wild, when two felines look at each other, this is a provocation and a call to fight. When looking at your cat, it is best to blink or look at it from the corner of your eye.

loud/sudden noise

Door shuts, cupboard shuts, body falls. It doesn’t take much for your cat to suddenly change her mood. Cats don’t like noise! Also, when surprised, they often swing between a frightened look and a panicked flight.

When your cat is in the same room as you, try to respect its safety. Avoid listening to loud music, loud arguments, clapping, etc. Your cat may run away right away. Your cat may run away right away.

Breaking the routine

Just like us, cats have their habits. They cannot bear change. Knowing what time your cat will have breakfast and dinner will calm her down. Cat owners know that if you forget to set your alarm, your cat acts as a backup alarm.

Since your cat is so attached to his routine, he will misunderstand change. Did you buy new furniture? are you moving? A baby coming or a friend moving in? Was the litter box moved? Sorry, but your cat may be bothered by such changes. If you need to make changes, do it slowly so your cat is not too upset and gets used to its new surroundings.

strong scents

Good or bad, cats are sensitive to smells and do not like strong smells. A litter box that hasn’t been cleaned well will not suit them (or you, for that matter). But it’s not just unpleasant odors that are not suitable for cats.

Macarons do not like classic cooking aromas (onion, garlic, vinegar, cinnamon, etc.). They also do not particularly like essential oils. So don’t be surprised if your cat doesn’t keep your company while you cook. It’s also best to avoid scented litter boxes, which your cat doesn’t like due to their sensitive sense of smell.


If you’ve ever sprayed your cat with water, or accidentally sent some splashes on, you know that cats hate it. With very few exceptions, no cat likes water, and the most careful is to avoid contact with it.

It is not necessary to bathe a cat at all. These animals are naturally very clean and take good care of their fur. When your cat drinks, fill the bowl with clean, clean (dust-free) water. For cats, the water is for drinking only, it should not be applied to their coat.

sudden awakening

You are watching your cat sleep peacefully, in a very comfortable position, and you just want to be petted. However, felines (like us) do not like to be awakened from their sleep.

So don’t wake your cat by surprise when he’s in Morpheus’ arms. Yes, this is difficult, but it is for his own good. Let your cat sleep as much as she wants (and be patient, cats sleep up to 18 hours a day!). Don’t do anything your cat doesn’t want them to do to you.


Cats, like most pets and like us, do not like boredom. They do not hesitate to express their dissatisfaction when they find time too long, for example by meowing or scratching furniture.

To prevent your cat from getting bored, find something to keep her occupied: Toys, balls, balls of yarn, or even simple empty rolls of paper usually do the trick.

closed doors

Felines don’t like feeling neglected. On a larger scale, cats are independent animals, deeply attached to their freedom. You must have already realized this when you had the misfortune of leaving the door closed.

Give your cat maximum freedom to come and go as she pleases. If you have an outdoor space your cat can access, feel free to install a cat flap. Otherwise, the cat may knock on your doors until you open them. Claw marks guaranteed.

to be manipulated

Yes, cuddling, petting and listening to your cat’s purr is very calming. However, you should be aware that felines do not like to be handled all the time. What’s fun for you isn’t necessarily nice for them. When it comes to cuddling, like many other things, felines make their own rules, which you must follow.

When a cat comes up to you, rubs your legs, or pushes you, she is probably craving petting. Or just eat. But once he gets to work, he can’t stand the caresses. So let him live his life. And of course: never take your cat by the tail, he’ll hate it!

travel a lot

Holidays are usually a time to look forward to. This is not the case with felines, who do not really like to travel. It is not necessary to pack your cat before departure.


Not only is driving stressful for most cats, but many of them also develop motion sickness. Cats are domestic bodies and don’t like change, as I’ve heard. Travel means big changes in a cat’s routine, so he won’t thank you.

Now you know what to avoid to maintain a good relationship with your cats. If you follow these rules, you should have a good relationship with your cat!

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