10 unique places to explore in Montreal to feel like you are traveling to your hometown

For most, the holidays have already begun. This year, it is clear that they will take place in Quebec. Here are 10 unique places to visit Montreal differently.

Right now, all the cities in Quebec are working to attract local tourism. We need to use ingenuity and creativity so that people can take back their city.

Etienne Cousseau is the founder of the 16/42 tour agency, which offers guided tours for foreigners visiting Montreal. This year, the agency had to adapt to the demand. With his team, Mr. Cousseau has created a guided tour for locals from scratch, suggesting unusual or unique places.

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Here are 10 places that are off the beaten path:

1. St. Roch


Rue Saint-Roch, in Parc-Extension, has long been the main street of the Greek community in Montreal. The Greeks lived there, they made this road their own. It is such a charming and exotic street. It is also a must stop for the gourmet because there are delicious Greek and Turkish pastries to try.

2. Park of Portugal

On the Plateau Mont-Royal, on the corner of Boulevard Saint-Laurent and rue Marie-Anne, is the Park of Portugal. We visit it because it is the symbol of the Portuguese community on the plateau, but also because the park gives you a view of Leonard Cohen’s house.

3. Lane Demers

Very close to Laurier Park is Ruelle Demers, made up of old quarry workers’ houses. Today the houses have been restored, but it remains a quiet place, which takes us back to a part of our history.

4. Ramezay castle gardens

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A little over two years ago, Patricio and I dreamed of having a small child – a girl or a boy, equal parts of each of us. We had six months trying to make that dream a reality (which is nothing compared to how long some waited, but it felt like an eternity). And so, a little over two years ago, we took a break from questioning and worrying if it would ever happen, and we went to Montreal – the same place we did our honeymoon six years ago. I started to feel a little weird during our stay, but shrugged my shoulders to travel (I found out I was pregnant two weeks later). We did as usual, and walked miles through charming neighborhoods, visited old churches, stayed awake and slept late, were carefree. While we were there, we walked in the same garden in Old Montreal, doing this the second time we were here with our dream baby, which just amazes me. Everything amazes me – that I created it together, raised it and nurtured it and that it continues to give new meaning to life, old places and spaces at a time when I did not even know it yet. 🌿 #twntyvntimontreal

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In Old Montreal, you should definitely stop at the Château Ramezay Gardens. It is the only 18th century garden that can still be visited. It is a haven of peace in the middle of the city center. It is worthwhile to deviate, especially since access is free.

5.Mali Stefan

You should visit Mount Stefan, located downtown, which is actually a former private club that belonged to Lord Stephen George. Today, this place has been turned into a luxury hotel, which has preserved all the charm of this Victorian residence.

6. Banesa 67

Habitat 67 is an iconic Montreal building, but above all an architectural masterpiece, made up of 354 prefabricated concrete blocks. No other building in the world looks like it. Incredible anecdote: the building was made by a 25-year-old, right outside the school.

7. Jean-Drapeau Park

Parc Jean-Drapeau is best known for hosting our cultural events, but it is also home to many historic buildings. Among others, there is the Stewart Museum, which is a former British castle, and the former Hélène de Champlain restaurant.

8. Xha Tetsu Restaurant

For a gourmet stop, you should stop at Uncle Tetsu because you can find the best cheesecakes Japanese in the city. They are light and delicious. The site is very close to Guy Concordia Metro Station.

9. The Basilica of Mary Cathedral Queen of the World

We are also recommended the Cathedral of Mary the Queen of the World, which is actually a “miniature” copy of St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome. This church is the fourth largest church in Quebec.

10. Cafe Olimpico

You have to stop at kafe olimpico, either in the Mile-End or in Old Montreal. Serve really strong Italian coffee. It is now or never to retrieve Old Montreal because, for one of the rare occasions, there are no tourists.

It is a two-hour tour, which takes place on foot, with a maximum group of 10 people.

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