20 minutes with Sophie Desmarais

She has always preferred discretion. But since she has been the honor godmother of the Jasmin Roy Foundation, to fight bullying, Sophie Desmarais, the youngest daughter of the late billionaire Paul Desmarais, is gradually opening the doors of her universe to us. If her passion is first and foremost to help others, she is an artist at heart. Involved with the University of Montreal’s Big Band musicians, she sings the blouse after her brother, with a voice reminiscent of that of Peggy Lee. Fascinated by the decoration, she has an innate tendency for fashion: “I have a very personalized style and I am inspired, among other things, by what I see on the street. I do not just buy designer clothes, on the contrary “, she explains, who likes to find findings at Winners and who regularly visits stores like Zara and H&M with her daughter.

Am I a fashion victim?

I love fashion, without feeling compelled to follow trends to the letter. Nobody tells me how to dress. Rather, I create my own look in which I feel good. I believe I have an innate sense of style and do not just wear stylist clothes.

My style

20 minutes with Sophie Desmarais

I have more of a relaxed, chic look, with a light bohemian touch. I like to wear long necklace and put on some beautiful bracelets. I get a lot of inspiration from what I see on the street, though I think I have a very personal style. I am influenced by my energy and the way I feel.

I like Hermès bags, but that does not mean I do not go to Winners. Why would I stop myself from going there? I’m pet, but I can still do like everyone else. The important thing is that I like it. I go to Zara or H&M regularly with my daughter. I do not understand why I would spend $ 1000 for a dress if I could find a similar one for $ 250. I am far from being a woman who wears only high fashion clothes.

Clothes to feel beautiful and good with myself

Jeans, with a blouse, a nice blazer that matches a nice belt, shoes or boots to my liking. I also carry a lot of necklaces that I buy everywhere. I like J Brand jeans and leather pants. I wear a lot of skin without wearing it from head to toe. I like leather pants, with sweaters or long jackets and a nice pair of boots.

Makeup, my essentials

20 minutes with Sophie Desmarais

I always keep the base because my skin is very white. I never leave home without grooming my eyes with a plum or purple eyeliner from Mac. I apply my pale pink lipstick from Revlon (405 Silver city pink). I also add a face powder from Mac.

My favorite skin care products

Every morning, I rinse with Caudalie beauty water. For hands and lips apply Nuxe brand products. For the body, use the Lipikar brand cream. For the face I have been using SkinCeuticals creams with vitamin C for years. I wash my hair with Kerastase products. My only perfume is Carnal Flower by Frederic Malle. He is magical. Regularly, people stop me on the street to tell me about it.

My fashion hobby

20 minutes with Sophie Desmarais

If anyone likes shoes, it’s me. I am a fan of shoes and boots. I have many, but less than Celine Dion and Emilia Marcos. My favorites are those of Jimmy Choo.

I practice at the rate of one hour a day, what is called Barre with an extraordinary trainer or trainer, whom I contact via Skype anywhere in the world.

My favorite room in my house

20 minutes with Sophie Desmarais

My rooms (she divides her life between Montreal, Florida and Corsica). It is in these private places that I enjoy reading and watching television. Places where I feel good about their warm atmosphere. I love pillows. I was also nicknamed the pillow police, so I have them everywhere. My rather contemporary rooms are peaceful and radiate good energy.

My interior decoration

In a place where it gets cold, I like a cocooned, colorful atmosphere, lots of pillows, blankets, blankets, flowers and objects to add warmth. I’ve always lit candles, including Jo Malone’s. In the south, I prefer the clean, simple and cozy look. I have a weakness for the Mediterranean look.

Two items I have more than anything else

Definitely the ring that my husband Daniel Valoatto gave me and the picture of my parents in a small frame that I always keep next to my bed.

The achievement of which I am very proud

I raised my children without the contribution of their father. Second, to be the woman I have become and to overcome difficulties including romantic failures, my anorexia and a brain tumor. No one is immune to hardship, regardless of the size of their portfolio.

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