25 influential people in Quebec with more followers on Instagram

For influencers, Instagram is much more than an app or a social network: it’s one business.

For fun and to track the progress of those we’ve been following for a long time, we’ve compiled 25 influencers or personalities from the Quebec web that have the most Insta subscribers.

This is not about actors, singers (hello, Céline!) And athletes.

Here are 25 of the most followed influencers on Insta:

25. Emy Jade Greaves215 thousand

Emy-Jade is also a yoga teacher, and she owns her own “salon dress” brand, Reckless Minds.

24. Myriam Lemay235 thousand

Myriam is a content creator from Quebec City. She is recently engaged and is expecting her first child!

23. Julie-Anne Ho238 thousand

After participating in OD Greecethen OD Me NeJulie-Anne is followed for her fashion looks and inspirational content.

22. Lucie Rheume244 thousand

Lucie, who is also a YouTuber, is the co-founder of the e-Influence event, the Girl Crush brand and the En Privé SVP podcast. She shares on Insta her travels, life moments and her most beautiful outfits.

21. Nabil Lahrech254 thousand

In addition to being a very popular youtuber, Nabil is also the co-presenter of the Sous Influence podcast.

20. Milaydie Bujold264 thousand

BFF by Elisabeth Rioux, Milaydie provides content lifestyle.

19. Alanis Desilets264 thousand

Alanis is known for its well-being content that she shares through her La Troop brand. We also love to follow her for her adorable dogs!

18. Claudie Mercier273 thousand

After his move to OD South AfricaClaudie has built a loyal community on social networks like Instagram, YouTube and TikTok.

17. Lisa Homsy305 thousand

Lisa communicates in English on her platform, but she is completely bilingual! The Montreal influencer shares beautiful travel photos.

16. Ema Green306 thousand

After a break from social networks, YouTuber has officially returned to Instagram.

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15. Catherine Paquin323 thousand

We knew “Peach” in ODand we continue to follow her in the networks where she shares her daily life with positivism.

14. Audrey-Anne J361 thousand

She who lives on Prince Edward Island shares with her subscribers the stunning landscapes of her corner of the country as well as her Rapunzel hair.

13. Lysander Nadeau364 thousand

Lysandre is always transparent with her subscribers about her life, loves and challenges.

12. Beatrice Bouchard365 thousand

We know Beatrice as the twin sister of Eugenie Bouchard, the tennis player, but she is also a content creator.

11. Katherine Belle396 thousand

This gorgeous hair ‘instababe’ has not posted any new content for a few months now, but hopefully one day it will ‘come back’!

10. Alicia Moffet407 thousand

We follow the singer and her mom to see her daily life and to hear her sing with her magical voice!

9. Enola Clinkscales478 thousand

Originally from the city of Quebec, the young dancer recognizes a monster success on TikTok.

8. Andreane Chamberland560 thousand

The model and influencer shares her look, but also the secrets of fitness and beauty.

7. Madhi Ba611 thousand

This youtuber does not often post on Instagram, but every photo is worth seeing!

6. Sarah Jade Bleau988 thousand

SJ’s career exploded at TikTok in 2020, where she shares her dancing skills.

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5. Alex Centomo1 million

The new mom posts some very inspiring content of fashion, beauty and “positive body”.

4. Franceska Fournier1 million

Model and influencer, Francesca travels a lot and knows how to make people dream.

3. Mark Fitt1.3 million

Cath Bastien’s boyfriend and Rise brand creator is a fitness influencer, who shares some very interesting fitness tips.

2. Klaudia Tihan1.4 million

The model shares her daily life and photos of herself and her boyfriend.

1. Elizabeth Rioux1.7 million

The first position goes to Elisabeth Rioux and her numerous subscribers! And this is not counting his Finsta with 144 thousand subscribers, the account of his swimwear company Hoaka which has 555 thousand subscribers and his clothes and underwear Hoaka Apparel with 113 thousand. Wow!

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