3 horoscope signs that will be happy for the next 7 months

With the grace of Jupiter, these zodiac signs will live happy days and succeed in many areas. If you are born from these 3 astrological signs, get ready to experience great happiness!

Jupiter sets itself as a guide for the next 7 months, thus spreading all its positive aspects. However, only 3 signs of the zodiac will experience its best effects. By December, the planet of expansion will accompany them in every way towards the path of fortune, success, joy and optimism.

So what do the next 7 months have in store for these 3 zodiac signs?

Jupiter, the star of fortune, honors with his presence in Aries. The influence of this beautiful star will continue until October 28th. His return to Pisces on the same day will also light the spark between the 3 signs of the zodiac! One thing is for sure, they will live happy days until the end of the year.

– The twins

happy twins

Gemini – Source: spm

The birthplace of this sign will finally be able to rejoice in its many advances. He will be successful at work and his many efforts will be appreciated. Family life will be happy and he will live in perfect harmony with his partner. Financially, Gemini will experience abundance from all points of view and will be happy to fulfill all their wishes. The couple Jupiter and Saturn, who are advancing by leaps and bounds, offer the natives of Gemini more favorable situations. With his steely mind, he will have the strength to win all the battles taking advantage of past experiences. In summer, love will be in dating. This period will also be favorable for rest and introspection, which will help him maintain calm and good mood. In August, Mars in Gemini will attract his sense of curiosity, which will allow him to multiply stimulating activities. Despite some obstacles, the efficiency will be in effect from October. And to close the year in style, Saturn will open new horizons to emerge.

– Play

plays happy

Lion – Source: spm

Leo will have the chance to increase revenue and launch new projects. March increases its finances from June. Mercury attraction to Gemini in the same period will make him want to spend more time with family and reconnect with old relationships. One thing is for sure, reunion will be full of emotions! The rating of his popularity will be on top and he will be able to rejoice. Even in July he will forget all the problems, thanks to the presence of Venus in Gemini. From the heart, wine will be full of romance. What better way to boost your morale? At work, the lion knows what he wants and does not hesitate to make more effort to achieve his goals. As such, Mercure allows it to move forward confidently towards major projects during the month of September. In love, October will rekindle passion and libido will start again. Although experiencing moments of doubt, Mars in Gemini will give him all the comfort he needs in November. The end of the year will allow him to smile again and mark a turning point in his life.

– Sagittarius

Happy Sagittarius

Sagittarius – Source: spm

From June, the opposite of Saturn will be felt in the mood of Sagittarius, who will be calmer and happier. In addition, all his actions will be thought out. Through the union of Mars and Jupiter, he will launch a project he has always dreamed of. In summer, the astral conjuncture will be pleasant. Fate accompanies him to consolidate his projects, which will nurture him with joy and happiness. In love, Mercury in Leo will trigger a sensation with a surprise date in July or a renewed relationship. The resident of Sagittarius will make the most of his summer and Venus will help him quickly fix his finances, which have been influenced by her. In October new ideas flow. He will only have to implement them. Mercury, which will return to equilibrium this month, will give it a golden opportunity to seal new partnerships. Finally, the end of the year will be lived under the sign of love. Venus on Mercury will create unforgettable emotional moments.

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