30 good addresses in the Mile End

Are you brunch every day? B&M, 120, rue Saint-Viateur Ouest, offers all kinds of breakfasts until 16:00, except the lunch menu. Also, at Fabergé, 25, Fairmount Ouest avenue, we have lunch until 3pm. At Arts Café, 201 Fairmount Avenue West, in a bohemian style, you will have a classic breakfast or granola. A little further south, near Mont-Royal Boulevard, Allô! Mon Coco has just opened a branch in 4448, boul. Saint Laurent.

On Saturdays and Sundays, some restaurants offer delicious breakfasts. On Saint-Laurent Boulevard, line up at Lawrence, at 5201, known for its fresh local food and British-style breakfast, or head to nearby Larrys, at 9 Fairmount Avenue East, for a coffee and a cream croissant Confectionery. Chez Sel Gras, 5245, boul. Saint-Laurent, they serve, among other dishes, a French toast with apples and gravlax. In Sparrow-Le Moineau, 5322, boul. St-Laurent, you will have buckwheat pancakes, donuts, home-smoked trout in a spinach pancake. L’gros Luxe, 150 Bernard Street West, also serves brunch on weekends.

You can eat on the go at the Mile End. At 34 Fairmount Avenue West, Wilensky’s has been a Jewish food shop since 1932. The typical décor and menu (Kaiser round bread, grilled sausage and bologna, mustard and fountain soda with cherries or oranges) will make you to dive into the past of this neighborhood. It is an experience. Nearby, Chilean Barros Luco, 5201 Saint-Urbain Street, on the corner of Fairmount Avenue, serves barros luco, a sandwich in a round bun with thinly sliced ​​steak, melted cheese, tomatoes, avocado and spicy flavored sauce. Empanadas are also delicious. Open for 20 years, its success is undeniable.

On Saint-Viateur Street, you will meet many young people who work for the Ubisoft company and, at lunch time, eat. Choose Comptoir 21, 21, rue Saint-Viateur Ouest, for a “fish and chips”. Are you vegan? Crudescence, at 66 Saint-Viateur Street West, serves superfoods and smoothies. At La Panthère verte, 160, rue Saint-Viateur Est, you will have a real lesson of civic behavior in a very pleasant atmosphere and you will come out of it healthy. In addition, you will discover the Saint-Viateur street on the east side of Saint-Laurent, where the entrepreneurs and young artists of tomorrow are.

If you like decoration, Saint-Laurent Boulevard will delight you. You will be happy to stop at V de V, 5042, then Vestibule, 5157, where you will find objects inspired by the American East Coast, of good quality and contemporary at the same time. Next door, the Never Enough boutique, at 5153, offers stylist furniture and accessories, often Danish but always exclusive. Just above, Piorra Maison, in 5377, is a real Ali Baba cave.

Do you like beautiful letters? In Japanese Paper, 24 Fairmount Avenue West, is one must, you will find more than eight hundred types of Japanese paper and some from Quebec. For books that are not uncommon, head to Drawn & Quarterly Bookstore, 211 Bernard Street West. Anglo, yes, but very comical and art.

On the clothing side you will not be left out. Clark Street Mercantile, 5200 Clark Street, Fairmount Corner, sells menswear hipster-chic. For women, walk along the Boulevard Saint-Laurent, north of Laurier, you will see Unicorn, Ruse, Général 54 and the boutique of the stylist Mylène B. And if you really want to treat yourself, the boutique Éditions de robes, 178, rue Saint -Viateur Ouest, offers magnificent dresses.

Are you a blouse and jeans? At Very Normal, 207 Fairmount Avenue West, they sell t-shirts that illustrate typical Montreal scenes. Go to Loukas Jeans, at 228, Fairmount Ouest avenue, for jeans made in Quebec, or to Jeans, Jeans, Jeans, at 5575, rue Casgrain, near Saint-Viateur, for all brands.

A little fatigue? Café Olimpico, 124, rue Saint-Viateur Ouest, every day from 7 am to 11 pm, is pleasant, touristy and the coffee is delicious. Social Club, 180, rue Saint-Viateur Ouest, also serves excellent coffee. For a tea, you will want to stop (for a long time) at the Salon de thé Cardinal, at 5326, boul. St-Laurent. At the top of a ladder, you will discover a magical place: English tea, sandwiches, biscuits, cakes.

A pizza tempts you? In Kesté, at 275 Fairmount Avenue West, you will find Neapolitan pizza “better than in Naples”. The dough is light, the place is beautiful. At Pizzeria Magpie, 19, rue Maguire, near Saint-Laurent, they serve oysters and pizza made in a wood-fired oven. Want a burger? You will like the Burger de ville, at 5282, boul. Saint-Laurent, or L’gros Luxe, at 150, rue Bernard Ouest, for a warm atmosphere. For Mexican taco and specialty cocktails, Maïs, at 5439, boul. Saint-Laurent, is very popular.

The journey calls you? La Khaïma Cuisine Nomade, 142 Fairmount Avenue West, a wine you bring yourself, is usually African. La Cuisine d’Izza, 228, rue Bernard Ouest, is known for its secrets and other Moroccan dishes. At Les Lilas, 5570, avenue du Parc, we serve lovely Lebanese cuisine, always fresh and delicious. Do you prefer India? Book in La maison de Cari Golden, 5210, boul. Saint-Laurent is small, charming and delicious.

Asia tempts you? Café Mei, 5309, boul. Saint-Laurent, open for lunch and dinner, is affordable and relaxed. Thazard, 5329, boul. Saint-Laurent, also open for lunch and dinner, offers modern Japanese cuisine at very reasonable prices. Omma, 177, rue Bernard Ouest, is a warm, family-run Korean restaurant.

Gourmet? Les deux singes de Montarvie, 176, avenue Saint-Viateur Ouest, will be your choice for gourmet fusion cuisine. Two menus are offered, including a vegetarian. Salt and fat, 5245, boul. Saint-Laurent, delights gourmets. Are you a carnivore and want to bring your own wine? You will like À l’Os, at 5207, boul. Saint Laurent. Italy remains your preference? Barcola, 5607, avenue du Parc, is a small bistro you will be happy to know.

Of course, you will bring bagels home. Three addresses: Saint-Viateur Bagel, at 263, rue Saint-Viateur Ouest, la Maison du Bagel, 158, rue Saint-Viateur Ouest, and Fairmount Bagel, 74, Fairmount Ouest avenue. Flowers? Sophie Dorval, 156, rue Saint-Viateur Ouest, makes very beautiful bouquets and Vertuose, 5431, boul. Saint-Laurent, offers irresistible plant spheres. Do not forget the chocolate at Chocolats Andrée, 5328, avenue du Parc, or at Geneviève Granbois, 162, rue Saint-Viateur Ouest, for caramel / fleur de sel or saffron chocolates.

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