5 Barbecue Recipes – How to Get Your Kids to Eat Apples – 4 Things to Know About “Meat Imitation”: Discover Our Gastronomy Selection for Gourmans Walloon

Tell me what you eat from Francine Desille

If many Belgian families have opened their arms to Ukrainians, concretely it is not always easy. We are talking about the cultural friend. And a country’s culture is its habits, including eating habits. For a weekend, I welcomed into my home the Ukrainian family hosted by my sister. Who had warned me: “do not eat like us, eat soup and pasta in the morning and have dinner around 3 pm”.

Since, for me, the most compelling sign of hospitality is that of the table, I wanted to place all odds on my side by filling the fridge with a quantity of food. It is certain that Galina, Tetiana and Artemi would find their happiness. Well, no! I was disappointed!

After I made them realize (Google translate, they do not speak English) that they could help themselves and cook as they wished, they asked me to take them to a supermarket. And there they sought (in vain) sunflower oil and bought a cabbage and apples.

Here is the mistake, the cabbage I was missing in my panopolis of leeks, squash, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, mushrooms… and apples in pears, bananas, oranges, pineapples, strawberries… But puff! I had the chance to catch up a bit by taking them to enjoy a craft ice cream. And you know what: pistachio in Ukrainian is pronounced as in English.

Well yes, we all understand and meet all around the gluttony of sweet delights.


Strawberries in the sweet or savory version

Red and plump, strawberries herald the return of the beautiful season. They are eaten in a sweet or savory variant, from appetizers to cakes.


Barbecue with potatoes and its sauces

Barbecue season is good and really developing. Here’s a recipe that should satisfy sauce lovers.


True Indian Samos

Samosat! The pleasure of Indian cuisine is delighted! As an aperitif, as a starter or even as a main course, this recipe is extremely simple and quick.


Five recipes to accompany your grill

The pleasure of grilling is to cook and eat outside, to find time, to share a friendly moment … To accompany the grilled meats, here are five recipes to change the grated carrots.

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Villers-la-Ville: 18,000 vines planted in three days in Tilly

Matthieu Roy, originally from Alsace, found the plot he dreamed of in Tilly. After training, he embarks on a great adventure …


3 reasons to put the first StrEat Fest on the menu for your weekend in Brussels

A hybrid between gastronomic and music festivals, the first StrEat Fest connects its stoves with Tour & Taxis from 12 to 15 May 2022. It features several VIPs, gas burners and microphones. The future gives you 3 reasons to lick chops.


Have your children eat apples

It is not always easy to get your children to eat 5 fruits and vegetables a day. To help them appreciate apples, we offer creative activities that highlight this fruit, which is both juicy and crunchy.


An iconic candidate leaves: who was eliminated from Top Chef? (video)

The guest of this twelfth episode was the American boss, Mike Bagale. For this occasion, this avant-garde chef asked the candidates to imagine a unique tasting experience.


“Dinner in the sky” starts again in Brussels in the sky of the Koekelberg Basilica

The “Famous Dinner in the Sky” returns to Brussels. The platform that awaits the stars of Belgian chefs will see the capital from 10 to 19 June. There will be 32 seats for the “flight” near Koekelberg Basilica.


Belgian coffee imported by sail

It took two months for the cargo to arrive safely. Departing from Santa Maria in Colombia, 22 tonnes of organic green beans were unloaded in the port of Bordeaux after two months at sea.


Four things you need to know about “fake meat”

By luring consumers who are sensitive to animal welfare or attentive to their health, “meat substitutes” have invaded supermarkets around the world.


Indrani, an eco-responsible lodge in Loupoigne

The Indrani Lodge in Loupoigne is expanding and making luxury rhymes with ecology. The Indrani Lodge in Loupoigne is expanding and making luxury rhymes with ecology. At the top of his “léments restaurant, we find Sebath Capela. At the age of 30, this young chef seems to have found his place among the ecological demands of the lodge owners and his aspirations to work with local and quality products.


Warisoulx: when the sun restores the strawberries, the “red gold” season may begin (photo)

The sun started the season of strawberries in the open ground. At the Wariçet farm, we get up early to gather fresh ones. “Red gold” is also turned into yogurt and ice cream, always with good natural taste in the center of everything. Ambient between two lines.


EdA – Florent Marot

Florian Didriche, the best artisan baker

This is another difference for Florian Didriche, who has run the Transparence bread and pastry shop in Paliseul since 2015.


A rooftop bar in Bozar: for fun moments between heaven and earth

A new rooftop bar will open this Friday the 13th on the rooftops of Bozar. Opportunity to drink a drink all summer while getting up a bit.


© Jacques Duchateau Solar rooftop bar in Bozar © Jacques Duchateau


beer marathon

May 21-23, Liège, Gare des Guillemins; This festive marathon is for runners who want to have fun. On the program: 42 miles decorated with 16 hoppy stages, to be performed at less than 6:30 a.m. Saturday, May 22nd. This year the participants are invited to come dressed according to the theme of the 90s. Www.beerloversmarathon.be

street party

From 12 to 15 May, Brussels, Tour & Taxis. For four days, more than fifty chefs and restaurants offer their vision of street food at Tour & Taxis. The first edition of Streat Fest aims to combine workshops, street art, music and, of course, gastronomy. www.streatfest.be


We tested the Sauvage restaurant in Angleur

Chef Hyun Frère © Jacques Duchateau ©| Jacques Duchateau

The chef does not lack nerves and his sign sounds like an invitation to return to nature. The result: a kitchen like no other on plates, as surprising as it is elegant.


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