5 dining halls to discover without further delay

A food court trend, these gourmet halls in covered markets are attractive. This becomes the hunt for any self-respecting Epicurean. A true place to gather and share, we picked 5 food courts for you to discover right away!


The movement came directly from the United States and Asia. And if it took a while for her to point at the tip of her nose in Belgium, she was quickly imitated! These gourmet places offer a plethora of possibilities while providing a friendly place to share your meal. And in Belgium, we are served! This concept is spreading and food courts appear like real mushrooms. But without further ado, here’s our pick.

wolf in brussels

It is a pioneer of its kind in the capital. Le Wolf settled at the end of 2019 in the heart of the former Caisse d’Epargne et de Retraite, a few steps from the Place de Brouckère and the Grand Place.

On an area of ​​no less than 3000 square metres, re-designed by Lionel Gadot to give the place as industrial a look as possible, we find the classics and titles dear to the hearts of Brussels residents. Super burgers from Super Filles du Tram, the original Bo Bun station in Hanoi, then the critically acclaimed MyTannour.

What a good world.

Rue du Fossé aux Loups 50, 1000 Brussels

Ferry terminal at Tour & Taxis

One of the largest food courts in Europe (forgive a bit) and one of the most beautiful as well, the food market at Gare Maritime has everything to tempt you. Each of ten creative (and starred) chefs take on a somewhat upscale street food venture where place and turn are kings! Organic ingredients, short circuit, biodegradable cutlery, this focus on sustainability is a nice plus.

There we find 140!, chip shop Mallory Gapsi and Adrien Cachote, Chef Sang Hon Degembert at the two-star L’Air du Temps and his broth concept, then stop by the Cerial Killer to sample traditional pasta Giovanni Bruno, Head Chef at the star restaurant Senzanome.

7 Picard Street, 1000 Brussels.

Grand Poste in Liege

After four years of long work, La Grand Poste in Liege finally opened its doors to the public last September. A chameleon place with multiple functions, the food court lets you discover it and you will not be disappointed! The 1,200 square meter space allows everyone to dine on seven independent counters serving a variety of street food formulas, both savory and sweet. In the case of a large (or small in itself), we gladly settle in the bar where we can sample nearly forty beers produced directly in the artisan brewery installed in the basement.

We were also told that the rooftop of the building was opened there as well. One thing is for sure, he’s moving in the excited city.

Quai Sur – Muse 19, 4000 Liege

From Fleshal to Mechelen

The Vleeshall Food Court is housed in the city’s former meat halls, which opened in 1881. This massive building is now the haunt of all self-respecting gourmets and has been the stage for a non-stop ballet of foodies for 3 years. of all kinds.

On an area of ​​1200 square meters 14 counters spread, serving fresh local cuisine with 100% Belgian ingredients. There are burgers, tapas and other dishes of all kinds that will undoubtedly satisfy your taste buds!

Huidevettersstraat 7
2800 mclin

The big market in Ixelles

It smells like the sun in here! This food market specializes in Mediterranean food and flavors. Combining the supermarket and the food court, you can wander among the sun-drenched fruits and vegetables and stroll the shelves of your grocery store, trying not to buy everything.

And at its heart is a food court run by two chefs serving cuisine with Southern touches. Lebanese, Syrian and Spanish-Moroccan recipes are featured on the menu while the third chef rotates the Neapolitan pizza. Complicated to savor it all? No worries! Anything can be won.

Chaussée de Louvain 650, 1030 Brussels

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