7 Inspirational Fitness Girls To Follow To Get (Re)motivated!

1- Kayla Itsines: kayla_itsines
Internationally, this girl with a physique is without a doubt the most famous. Today, thousands of young women follow her fitness program and 6.5 million curious people check the photos posted on her Instagram account. This beautiful brunette who is now 25 years old is Australian. In 2008, Kayla trained to become an athletic trainer at an Australian fitness institute. Having trained in a training center for some time, I realized that the methods applied are not the best for women. Then she begins to develop her own program that aims to exercise while targeting specific areas of the body. She offered some of her clients to test out her software over a 12-week period. After the promising results, she left the center and began marketing his methods while explaining to the woman how she could be “comfortable in her bikini body.”

2- Tammy Hembrow: tammyhembrow
This 22-year-old Australian is proof that you can give birth twice and still have the plastic of your dreams. Even if being thin isn’t the key to luxury, we follow this fit girl to revitalize and be inspired. Despite her young age, Tammy already has two young children. And just before her first pregnancy, she became passionate about fitness and started a physical transformation. Followed by 5 million people on Instagram, she shares her daily life as a young mom, her food routine, and her own best exercises on a flat stomach or her own buttocks. And if she finds her figure every time within a few months after conception, then she strives to provide advice and motivation to young mothers who have lost confidence in themselves after being significantly overweight.

3- Jen Selter
If you want to be the source of motivation to do a squat, know that the fit girl is Jane Selter. This 23-year-old New Yorker is the queen of “belfies” (shrinking the words “butt” and “selfies”: a picture of her buttocks) and has made her Instagram account the bible for buttocks. On a daily basis, the beautiful brunette, with her 3.5 million subscribers, shares the main exercises for her buttocks and posts hundreds of photos of her famous plump back. Always traveling the world, the ones sponsored by Nike, New Balance, and Adidas and courted by bikini brands to advertise, Kylie Jenner can give Kylie Jenner a cold sweat.

4- Amanda Bisk: amandabisk
This fitness and yoga star is well known all over the world as she is an athlete and distinguished herself remarkably in the London Olympics. And you have to believe that Australia is the home of fitness girls, because Amanda Peske also comes from the land of kangaroos. On Instagram, the beautiful 30-year-old blonde gives us gorgeous shots where heavenly settings and acrobatic poses are the keywords. An account that also gives us wild desires for sports shopping, with leggings, bras and also sexy bikinis. The athletic woman is also the face of the H&M brand’s sportswear collection.

5- Isabelle Goulart: izabelgoulart
Since 2006, the Brazilian bombshell has been climbing the catwalks of the famous Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show every year. Known for lending her image to the legendary American lingerie brand, Isabel Goulart is also known for being a consummate fitness girl. On social networks, she gives a daily overview of her gym routine which is interspersed with boxing, running, yoga and abdominal exercises. With a height of 77 meters, the sweetheart of Kévin Trapp is above all a world-famous model and appears in the advertising campaigns of the largest brands.

6- Jennifer Nicole Lee: jnlworldwide
Some time ago, Jennifer Nicole Lee weighed 35 kilograms more. Today, she is one of the queens of fitness and encourages netizens to exercise and take care of themselves. Elected Miss Bikini America in 1996, this 41-year-old American of Italian descent graduated from the University of Tennessee and now has two children. In 2013, she signed an appearance in the movie bread and earning Along with Mark Wahlberg.

7- Michelle Lewin: @Michelle_lewin
These are 30 bombs from Venezuela. With 7.5 million followers on Instagram, she is now one of the most influential “little girls” in the world and has declared herself (as Jen Selter), “the most beautiful buttocks in the canvas”. Just that! After a brief career as a model, the young woman became a fitness professional: “I’ve been a model for a few years, and to keep my body in shape I had to go to the gym regularly. I challenge myself all the time and question myself constantly, so I started to train more and more and then I changed my diet […] Suddenly, most of the orders I received were from fitness companies.”

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