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Everything leads us to believe that the Municipal Council of Saint-Polycarpe will unanimously adopt, on May 9, an $8.6 million in-house loan for a project to renovate and bring the Soulanges Sports Center (CSS). And this is at least what could be learned during a media session held last Thursday and attended by about forty citizens, all in favor of the project.

Estimated at $8.6 million, the project will benefit from a $4.3 million grant from both governmental levels. Thus, it will cost citizens $4.3 million.

As stipulated in Article 5 of the Loan Regulations “A special tax shall be levied annually, during the term of the loan (20 years), on all taxable buildings located on the territory of the municipality, at a sufficient rate according to their value as shown in the assessment table in effect. Every year.”

big project

Built in 1981, CSS has never undergone major renovations. During a recent inspection of the premises, commissioned engineers discovered approximately forty non-compliant points. Let us highlight among these, non-individual bathrooms and access for people with reduced mobility.

In attendance, a former Municipal Council member said he was very supportive of the project, but nonetheless questioned speakers about the possibility of starting over rather than keeping the existing building.

Just walking around you can see that the structure is in excellent condition. On the other hand, the building is incompatible and large investments must be made. Let’s take the opportunity to rise to the current standards,” Eric Frigon, Gespro Groupe Conseil architect and project proponent confirmed, specifying that the bill would triple if we had to demolish and rebuild.

In addition to bringing the building to a standard level, the project includes, among other things, the redevelopment of the community hall, bar, sports locker room, restaurant and lobby. It also provides for the replacement of windows and exterior cladding as well as the construction of a green roof. The ventilation and heating system, as well as the ice cooling system, will also be redesigned.

Unanimity in the population and in the municipal councils

According to the mayor of Saint-Polycarpe, Jean-Yves Poirier, such an investment would have a significant economic contribution to the municipality of about 2,400 people. Just think of the many hockey tournaments that are held there, as well as the games and practices. “The people here are proud and they are especially proud of their field,” In his statement, he indicated that all members of the Municipal Council support the project as well as the loan regulation.

Remember, a public survey showed that the citizens of Saint-Polycarpe also largely supported the project. This consensus also emerged during the meeting during which many citizens spoke.

Great fundraising campaign

Currently, about 33,000 citizens in ten municipalities benefit from CSS facilities. Asked whether the bill would also be divided between the mentioned municipalities, the mayor said Saint-Polycarpe would include it alone in the file.

However, the fundraising campaign launched in April, which will run until December 2024, will definitely lower the final bill.

Throughout the campaign period, the joy of living togetherMany activities will be offered including karaoke evenings, children’s festival, conferences, Christmas market, sporting events and more.

The municipality will launch its public call for bids next September. Companies wishing to submit bids will have until November 9, 2022 to do so. As for the start of business and the opening of the shop, no date has been set for that.

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