8 French Girls Who Will Inspire Us All Summer

Monica Ainley de la Velardier

Profile: With her tacky, laid-back street style, dreamy battle man and her Parisian look, Monica Ainley is the girl who dreams of being a girlfriend. Canadian by origin and married to a French man, she is part of the very closed circle Mango Girls, and hosts a fashion show Fashion without a filter Alongside Camille Charrière, it showcases a delicious and slightly eccentric casual Scandinavian style.

What we steal from him: Her white big-buttoned dress, beige striped pants and a short blue suit made for a supposedly Parisian look.

lulu season

Profile: In the game of weird and somewhat unusual clothes, Loulou de Saison is undoubtedly the one who wins all the votes. With her sharp appearance, the beauty is one of the most stylish girls of the moment, and she has always managed to brilliantly distinguish herself from other centenarians. His secret weapon? dare. Dare to wear a reflective dress during the day, wear a XXXL aqua green suit, and wear a retro check dress with a puff sleeve shirt. big lolo.

What we steal from him: That famous green suit we stole from our grandfather, his leopard-heeled mule, and his sunny satin dress. A furry summer madness palette.

Clara Luciani

Profile: The new face of French pop, Clara Luciani doesn’t stop giving us goose bumps as she masters Molière’s language to perfection. In addition to her captivating and serious voice, her beautiful sad love scripts, and her Jane Birkin-worthy straight bangs, the young lady walks songs in unique style, skating tirelessly on a retro wave. Her strength: the use of her appearance as a means of expression.

What we steal from him: His blue jeans (just like in the song), his pink bow-tie shirt and his apple green ’70s jumpsuit are just to be a part of French pop cream, if only for a minute.

Lamia Lagha

Profile: Surely you have already come across it at the bend of a beautiful cobbled street in Montmartre or a shot of Jeanne Damas. Lamia Lagha, a full-time fashion designer and the big head of Rouje’s very closed circle, is gradually establishing herself as the girl to follow at any cost. His credo: second hand clothes are retro, ’60s irresistible, and totally hot.

What we steal from him: High-heeled mules, skinny jeans and an embroidered bag straight from Alice in Wonderland, as if plunging her head into her colorful world.

Tina Knacki

Profile: Tina is one of those people you never get tired of. Tina is also one of the most promising models of the moment. Since her 20-year heyday and with no less than a hundred shootings to her credit, the beauty makes us green with envy in each of her stories. Curly hair, brunette skin, and natural beauty, she rocks a street style that swings tirelessly between primal romantic influences and a French chic look.

What we steal from him: Her ribbed knit blouse, her tailored bucket hat, Vincent Cassel, her immaculate bikini…

Louise Folin

Profile: On her own, she epitomizes all the coolest Instagram to show in terms of fashion. Figurehead 2.0, Louise Follain is undoubtedly one of the most watched models at the moment. With Jane Birkin’s on-trend looks, her sharp cuts (square blazer, colorful glowing knitwear, striped kayaks) and unbeatable packaging, she’s got it all—ours—to please.

What we steal from him: Literally everything.

Lina Simon

Profile: She’s gorgeous, stands up for Roger, and displays a mischievous pout like no other… It’s Lena Simone looking down at us from the top of her sneakers and her 48,000 subscribers. And if it’s the new modern girl with impeccable flair, it’s not only for je-ne-sais-quoi, but also for her fabulous seventies look with undisputed femininity.

What we steal from him: Her floral-draped mini dresses, iconic sneakers and colorful knits, a balanced mix between the little girl in Bloom and Badass It Girl at the forefront of Cole.

Leah Svez

Profile: Lea Svez, a young mom with a busy schedule, is the little Parisian bloc that catches our eye from an Instagram perspective. A cliché with polished aesthetics, brand-favorite accessories, and an expertly thought-out look, Lea Sviez is one of those we don’t forget. Even less when you see her smiling on the streets of Paris, a bag of pearls on her arm. And according to her deceptively casual look, she can easily fall into the rolled up skirt like a checked suit.

What we steal from him: Her wicker mini bag, white jeans and silver jacket are by Courrèges.

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