A great athlete defies all dangers to save a family of dogs trapped in floods (video)

When Canadian soccer player Brady Oliveira isn’t playing for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, he’s spending his time rescuing distressed dogs in his home province of Manitoba. At the beginning of May, the young man launched a delicate rescue operation during the floods.

Football is not the only passion Brady Oliveira. The 24-year-old athlete loves animals and doesn’t hesitate to help them when he’s not on the court. Furthermore, the Canadian lists some of his interventions on TikTok.

During the first week of May, brady He did a great new job. while the Manitoba, his home county, plagued by floods, an athlete communicates with a dog and her two runaways are trapped in a house surrounded by water. ” It was one of the craziest rescues I’ve ever done ‘, proclaimed the hero to our colleagues from paws daily.

The residents had fled without their pets. Despite the danger and warnings from local authorities, brady He flew to save them with the help of his friend, Russian tea.


One of the craziest rescue missions I’ve ever done! I was alerted about leaving a dog and her young on a property the community was moving out of due to severe flooding! Puppies were confined to the bathroom for more than 24 hours covered in urine and feces. Mom is locked out and has nowhere to go! ???? Walking in icy cold flood waters and hypothermia was a big deal for the books! Welcome to the good life???? #HeartWearming #ABANDONEDDOGS #DOGRESCUER #DOGRESCUESTORY #SAVEDOGSLIVES

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The dog family is safe now

Full of determination and courage, the rescuers braved the cold and damp. brady And tea They walked about 15 minutes in the freezing water that reached their thighs in places. When the duo reached their goal, they spot an anxious dog hanging around outside the abandoned house. Inside, two puppies were locked in the bathroom and there was no food nearby.

The good heroes picked up the whole little family and began their slow journey ashore. ” It’s treachery because you don’t know what’s under the water ‘, she pointed out brady. After making a rough ride with their prized “packages,” the two men put them in the back of the car. Warm and safe, babies fall asleep quickly.

Article infographic: Senior athlete braves all dangers to save a family of dogs trapped in floods (video)

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70 dogs rescued in 3 years

although brady He experienced headaches and numbness, and immediately took his charges to the vet. Once basic care was received, the mother and her young were placed with a foster family, where they enjoyed warmth and a good meal.

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to Rescuers and survivors, the ordeal proved difficult and frightening. Fortunately, this story has a happy ending. After this intervention, brady Everyone said it was fine. Puppies were adopted by their hosts, while their mother placed her paws in the shelter Boxer Rescue Ontario. Pampered by volunteers, she is currently waiting for her forever home.

Brady Oliveira She does not intend to stop in such a good way and continue her fight for the well-being of our four-legged friends. Over the past three years, the athlete estimates that he has saved 70 dogs.

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