A solution that does not involve illegal opening

A Quebec training room owner who is a member of the Canadian Council on the Fitness Industry lamented the intention of some of his competitors to ignore instructions and open their doors at any cost, Wednesday.

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The Canadian Council on the Fitness Industry (CCICP) represents more than a third of the 667 establishments with a health studio permit in Quebec, can we read on its website, completely distancing itself from the gathering of about 200 gyms, dance, yoga and CrossFit studios that intend to defy the law .

“At CCICP, our position has been clear from the start and we want to be a partner to the government, now and for the long term. We want to be seen as a lasting solution to the health of Quebecers,” says Le Chalet Lounge owner and CCICP regional spokesperson, Gabriel Hardy.

We do not want to fall into illegal and social disobedience. This is not a solution. It may be a short-term win, but it will be a long-term problem. We can’t do our own thing while all the residents are making an effort. The government’s ear will be closed if we encounter problems in the future by taking the path of openness illegally.

Even if the Quebec businessman and his partners are impatient to welcome their customers again, they will therefore continue to comply with the rules, among other things to extend the procedures until November 23 that was announced on Monday.

Gabriel Hardy says he is in constant touch with Secretary Charst’s office to find solutions in the industry. A government source assured us that the communication channel has been open since the beginning of the epidemic with members of the CCICP.

We want to meet with the Minister to present concrete solutions that will lay a long-term path to the health of Quebecers. We must prepare for post-crisis management […]. “The government is closing businesses, but it will also have a role to play in reopening them and encouraging people to go to training centres,” Mr. Hardy said.

The constituent owners of the coalition say gyms are not important places for outbreaks. In Ontario, a total of 47 cases have so far been linked to stationary bike sessions at a fitness center.

“I think the argument that gyms are not places for outbreaks is very weak. The government is not shutting us down because we are vectors of transmission, like restaurants, cinemas and museums, but because of the number of people in the same place and the potential. [de transmission] What it represents. Having said that, if we want to put ourselves after the crisis, it will not be done by changing the face of government,” said Gabriel Hardy.

Dan Marino

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It’s impossible to know a list of about 200 gyms, dance, yoga and CrossFit studios opposed to extending health measures. Coalition spokesmen who want to defy public health directives to open their facilities Thursday in the red zone declined to reveal to us which institutions are members of the group.

“This list is ours, but there are owners who are uncomfortable talking to the media, but we are 262,” said Journal de Quebec, owner of Méga Fitness in Quebec, Dan Marino.

Deciding Monday night to go ahead with their protest movement, members of the group appeared to be walking on eggshells in the middle of Tuesday afternoon, following the government’s decision to fine rebellious clients, not just owners.

“We don’t want to go to war against the government and accuse our clients of civil disobedience,” Dan Marino said. “We don’t want to let our clients go through that.”

Should the group go back on their intentions, nothing will stop the gyms from continuing their solo crusade and opening up despite everything. Of the 262 members, some don’t find themselves in the red and some don’t yet know what they will do, according to one of the movement’s voices.

“Everyone is free to do whatever they want, it will be an instant thing. Melody Benhamo, head of Idolem Yoga, admitted that it is not easy to defy the government, and it takes ‘courage’.

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