Activate the cooking contest: 5 questions for the chef manager!

It is a meeting with food that a generation has joined presidents! 7 years ago I realized Vezina, Responsible Chef. After a few travel offers then double occupationGet active in the midst of a pandemic with the new daily edition of star Academy. In the same year, I co-created the tower which becomes a reference. With Margo – In love (TQ), You’ve given us privileged access to the amazing artist. Vibrant and creative, Jill puts a rhythm into everything she does while ensuring the happiness of her teams. with her, presidents! The second decade begins.

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You joined the team at 10And season. What did you modify in the perception approach?

The audience has a great love rating for presidents! We’ve kept the basics of how to do this. It’s a culinary competition. I was more interested in his frantic side. keep the fame Zoom De Elise (Marquez) who declares that he “starts now”. It’s part of the signature heads! With Director of Photography, Charles Martel, we wanted to simplify the image. I eliminated technical prowess in order to shoot faster, with more agility, and more fun. The desire was to give a more cinematic appearance. We adjusted the lighting and atmosphere. Philip Buschmin, Post Production Director, ensures accurate and rhythmic editing.

Jill Niquet-Joyal

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Jill Nikit Goyal

What is photo day?

I have a meeting with the technical team at 10 am so everyone knows the game plan, the twists, the challenge, and what to watch out for. At 11 am, Elise gives her welcome speech and we move on in order. Parallel to the kitchen, we shift the rulers. The challenge generally lasts an hour and a half, and the whole team experiences it at the same time with the candidates. After Coulomb’s workshop, we finish interviews until 10pm. It’s intense for the candidates and for us. But it’s a favorite production of TV craftsmen who come back year after year. The atmosphere is great. There is a great collective spirit.

Since the beginning of season eleven, I’ve noticed that there are a lot of challenges in duos and even in triples. Is this the trend of the season?

It is true that there is less sophistication with the addition of a component, but more twinning and succession. It’s the choice of Karl Dubuque and Dominique Savoy, true fans of content. You’ll see that during one of the duo challenges, one team had amazing synchronization. Their result arrived on time in great style. I think there’s an extra solidarity this year as the two candidates have been locked up together for two weeks. They have created very strong bonds. We notice a lot of mutual help, sympathy and compassion. It is common to see a candidate who has completed his challenge come to help someone else prepare his dish. Success, we do it with who we are and not with the mistakes of others. It’s a great lesson.

Columbus St-Pierre replaced Daniel Vizina as teacher. Isabelle Deschamps Plante joined the jury. How did they change the dynamic?

Coulombs are my big favorite. I predict that she will become one of the most influential figures in Quebec. I have always fought for self-sufficiency in food and used seasonal Quebec products. Coulomb practices strong, feminist and contemporary leadership. She has confidence, a thirst for transition, an infectious energy. I am proud that Quebec was finally able to see it. It’s just the beginning. Isabella is amazing. It is always relevant and has a lot of sensitivity. She admitted to us that at one point, when she had to publicize who her performance was inferior, her knees started shaking. She started feeling post-traumatic stress (she was a nominee in 2013 and 2014). We’re in the business, but the candidates are constantly emotional. It’s a lot of pressure. It is a wonderful exercise in self-transcendence.

Particular attention is paid to Quebec products and even vegetable scraps. Candidates must be creative!

Daniel Vézina was already very sensitive to this and Coulomb continues in this vein. People are ready for that. Candidates come from a very clear generation. It is a thoughtful kitchen with values ​​and a way of doing things to counter food scraps and eat locally. Eating is a social, political and economic gesture that will define us. I am proud to be a part of this.

presidents!, Mondays at 8 pm at ICI Télé.

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