Do you want to adopt a wooden kitchen? Here are our decorating tips for elegantly inviting wood into your home.

Carved, veined or even cracked, wood in all its finishes, raw or broken but above all unpainted, adapts to all styles. Evidence with pictures.

The Kitchen: How to Adopt the Total Wood Look?

Visible And review The kitchen at He drinks? Think again! Inseparable from style ScandinavianThe He drinks ifEasily dependent at kitchenprovided that player The Total look north with one coordinated furniture. a Fresh and bright styleto me Assistant Preferably with a kardenza and one pure business plan for the better Highlight the nuances of wood. The Secret to modern look: Blender The Materials between furniture And LittleAnd Period On the Contemporary finishes.

Kitchen: What color can we associate with wood?

mixed With natural colorsThe wooden kitchen Do not stop re-invention. incubated under a open canopy employment the outsideThis is amazing pattern will organize vegan atmosphere with one Central island dressed from green pottery firat the interview from one oak veneer wardrobee to the side raw wood with slits so is visible knot

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