After 15 years of absence, La Chicane is back in power

After more than 15 years of absence, La Chicane returns to power with a new album. When things go well. Several years have passed, but the group still retains its passion for the profession.

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In 2017, La Chicane gathered to celebrate its 20thAND anniversary. The band members had been running a solo career for several years, but the enthusiasm of their fans ignited. La Chicane, which was among the favorite Quebec bands in the late 1990s and early 2000s, especially thanks to its success Calvary, has decided to announce its big comeback in 2020, with a new album. However, due to the pandemic, the concerts were all canceled and the band could not start their project the way they wanted. Therefore it is in 2022 that the album When things go well made his appearance. “We announced it in 2020 and we had already done three holiday shows … The weather is good this year, especially since it is called When things go well and that there will be no more masks “, says Boom Desjardins, the singer of La Chicane.

Despite the time that elapsed between discovery and release, the band changed almost nothing on their album. “We decided to remove two or three songs because we wanted an album to hold together. Everything was created before the pandemic and reflects what we experienced. It is therefore an opus that is still important.

Boom Desjardins also suggests that subjects remain universal for all. “La Chicane’s mission is to talk about things through which people know themselves. Among other things, we discuss the division into you are much more beautifulmental imbalance in A little lost and conflict between generations with baby boomers in They will be leaving soon. I wanted to single out what they have done, I who live with children of the 18-20 generation.

According to the singer, the key to La Chicane’s success lies in its accessibility. “If we’re still here today, it ‘s because people knew themselves in our songs and they still listen to them. The group is known for one thing: to have successes that have stood the test of time. Twenty-five years later, we realize it worked and that we can still do it.

The band’s bassist, Éric Maheu, agrees: “The sign that we are getting older is that when we met to write the songs for the album, we could still do a lot. We have gained a little wisdom and our words reflect the results of our little adventures. Moreover, the title small giant is a tribute to Erik, who has already been sober for almost seven years, one who had consumed drugs and alcohol excessively. He came out of it thanks to life-changing therapy.

The arrival of Jean-Marc Couture
Dany Bédar after announcing his departure from the group last March, a position was vacant. Jean-Marc Couture had the honor of replacing Dany, who wanted to focus on his solo projects. “Jean-Marc joined the group at the last minute, but we had been talking about him for a long time. We feel good to have someone new with us; brings positive. “The reaction of the fans was unanimous: they are satisfied with this choice”, Boom says.

As for Jean-Marc, the artist has long been playing La Chicane songs. “When I was younger, I interpreted them by the fire. I later performed in bars, in Quebec, and there was not a night that I was not asked for a song by the band. When Boom called me, I was surprised, especially because he loved me as a guitarist. I took a weekend to check if I could play their songs and it was perfect. I studied each of the sections to get as close as possible
grades as much as possible. ” The one who won Academy of Stars in 2012 he studied music. “It is the first time I am a musician in one band. I enjoy it because I studied guitar. It gives another perspective to my career; it’s a big challenge. ”

The young man from New Brunswick immediately joined the members of La Chicane. “After the first test, he clicked. I saw how they still have a passion for the job and keep going. I’am happy. I had the opportunity to do a show with them and the audience liked it! “There are people of all ages in the room and they know the text by heart”, he says, however he does not intend to leave aside his solo career. He will even be able to sing some of his successes on stage during performances with La Chicane.

As for Eric Maheu, he loves the energy of their new member. “Having a new guitarist brings something different. It changes the energy a little bit. ”

Photo: Eric Myré

The band performed at the Star Académie this year, with Jean-Marc Couture on guitar.

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No pressure!
Launching an album after a long hiatus is no small task for band members. Especially when one of their hits continues to be played frequently on the radio, 25 years later. Do they feel the pressure to produce such resounding success as Calvary? “I would say that when you write, you really walk with your heart. We do not wonder if we can do better than that. “And we keep the songs that look good to us,” explains Éric Maheu.

For Martin Bédar, quality takes precedence: “What I like about the album is that it looks like a book. We chose eight parts. It’s less than usual, but the quality is there and the message will pass even better.

“The most important thing, with When things go wellwas to respect the essence of La Chicane. The most beautiful thing that can be told to us is that we are known in our sound and our social side. The themes stay with us and I think we sound better than at the time, ”adds Boom Desjardins, who decided not to make a disc, but rather interactive t-shirts in which a bar of code directs the buyer into a digital one. distribution platform.

La Chicane members want one thing: to keep going, while still having the energy to do so. “We probably won’t make albums every two or three years because you have to find time to live things, but I wish we had the health and the voice to do the job for a long time. We do not dare to spread the sauce too much, but we will be there as long as we can. At the moment, we are booking 2023 and 2024, ”concludes Boom Desjardins.

Scrapbook When things go well is available on digital platforms.

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