After how much exercise begins to burn fat? Western France Evening Edition

As the sun sets and temperatures soar, the desire to exercise and refine can be very present. If exercise is the ideal way to lose weight, since when does physical activity begin to burn fat?

15 minutes, 30 minutes? more than an hour ? After how much time of sports activity can we achieve fat burning? This is a question that interests many people as summer approaches and temperatures rise. 20 minutes is often specified, but is this really the minimum amount of time that must be respected during sports activity before the body begins to lose fat?

When we exercise, the body derives energy from two sources, depending on the intensity of your activity: carbohydrates (sugars) and lipids (fats).

20 minutes is enough

From the first minute of your workout, you’re already burning fat. But in very small quantities at first. The right question to ask is At what point will I start consuming more fats than carbohydrates while exercising? »

After 20 minutes, which is a good warm-up time, we usually burn more fat than carbohydrates. Some specialists claim that we can start after only 12 minutes of aerobic exercise. But most importantly, aim to expend a greater proportion of your calories from fat, and you can achieve this by doing 20 minutes of aerobic exercise, i.e. at a low intensity.

Aerobic exercise is useful for burning fat. (Photo: Andres Rodriguez / Fotolia)

In the first twenty minutes we raise the body temperature and get rid of fast sugars and glucose. Then we get rid of the fat, which is also called adipose tissue. It is tissue made up of fat cells called adipocytes. It also depends on your level. In an untrained person, fat consumption occurs, on average, from 45 minutes of exertion. But for a well-prepared person, this can be done from 15 minutes, because the body is very accustomed to long-term efforts.

A study conducted by Stanford University School of Medicine (USA) attempted to find out how much time people need to spend in the gym to be successful in burning fat. Then the researchers explained that ten minutes of intense exercise was enough to start burning a lot of body fat. But quite lightly.

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Focus on duration, not intensity

It will be easier for you to burn fat by making a long effort. Logically, exercising for an hour a day requires twice as many calories as exercising for 30 minutes, without changing the intensity or dividing the duration by three.

Indeed, with a very short effort, from a few seconds to a few minutes, the body prefers to use proteins. This is why people who want to gain mass do not do endurance sports. Next, we will move on to carbohydrates, and, in a minority at first, to fats. To lose calories, you have to spend more than you consume, which also means that it passes through food.

To lose calories, you have to spend more than you consume which also means it goes through food and that, at any age. (Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto)

But be careful, it’s not because the intensity is too high will cause you to burn more fat. why ? Because lipolysis, which manages fats, requires an oxygen supply. After a certain degree of effort, this contribution becomes insufficient. So the body then breaks down carbohydrates to meet the demand. It is not the intended target.

String sports?

To burn more fat and therefore it is interesting to exercise in succession, which allows the body to continue to get rid of it during the recovery phases (during periods). Exercising at short intervals (not continuously) would consume up to 9 times more fat.

Researchers at Colorado State University (USA) measured how long fat was burned after short bouts of physical exercise. Participants exercised for two minutes and then rested for one minute. Continue this cycle for 20 minutes. The scientists found that the participants continued to burn fat at a high rate for 16 hours after the exercise ended.

Even when these participants rested, their fat oxidation increased by up to 62%. Don’t forget that exercise also contributes to a good balance of your brain and can also have a positive effect on your mood. This avoids focusing solely on the presence of fat.

Running is a favorite sport

If each sport burns fat at different levels, such as swimming or cycling, the discipline that remains the most effective is running. He is a favorite ally. In fact, running allows you to burn up to 800 calories per hour. Perfect for slimming and sharpening. It is not for nothing that any good self-respecting runner has a slim build.

Running would be an ideal sport to burn fat more easily. (Photo: Warren Goldswin/Fotolia)

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It is better not to rush. If it sounds counter-intuitive, but if you want to lose fat, it’s best to run slowly, less than 60% of your maximum heart rate. At higher intensity levels, your body will use sugar as its main fuel, which is what you ate hours before your workout.

Under 60% intensity, your body will use its fat stores for energy. Despite these details, do not forget that exercising also contributes to the balance of your mind and can also have a positive effect on your mood.

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