Agenda for the weekend of May 14 and 15

From 12 to 15 May, Brussels, Tour & Taxis

For four days, more than fifty chefs and restaurants offer their vision of street food at Tour & Taxis. The first edition of Streat Fest aims to combine workshops, street art, music and, of course, gastronomy.

We find especially famous addresses like Hors-Champs by Stefan Jacobs, El Cuchillo, Gramm by Kenzo Nakata. But also street food specialists: Monella de Ugo and Franscesco, Mo Mo, Smash, Ganesh, Bia Mara. Top chef fans can test the recipes of Logan, the Belgian candidate for the 2022 edition.

At the same time, the festival invites participants to attend classic cooking classes, seminars to teach cheese / beer or tea couples, eco-responsible cooking, oenology and mixology courses, or tips on how to make a photographed dish for Instagram. Streat Fest is also a market for producers and artisans who come to present their knowledge made in Belgium.

All these culinary discoveries are accompanied by a musical and festive program: street artists, circus artists, graphic artists, DJs, rockers, while a children’s corner welcomes the little ones.

2.follow my gaze

May 14, from 6:00 pm to 11:00 pm, Morlanwelz, Royal Museum of Mariemont

On the occasion of European Museum Night, the Royal Museum of Mariemont offers to visit the sites in an unusual way. From 18:00 to 19:00 children from 5 years old are in the spotlight with “Life of museum objects”. In other words, four areas of activity: collections visits, China exhibitions for women, a modern adventure, and a paper-cutting workshop.

From 19:00 to 20:00, for children aged 5 to 8: an exploratory reading of children’s books in China and Asia, as well as a Taiwanese puppet show.

Alternatively, adults can choose their activity when they arrive at the museum. Reading texts, visiting collections Women of Egypt, China in the female gender or To have it on the skull in the Merovingian period.

3.Monster Parade

From 13 May to 3 July, Namur, Museum of Decorative Arts

Artist David Lambois creates figurines, paintings and art toys inspired by the art world of fairs, circuses and the Victorian era. As part of the Circus event we are, he exhibits his creations at the Museum of Decorative Arts in Namur. A burlesque and poetic universe to discover with family.

4.Decolonial Exhibition

From May 14, the Memorial Museum of Mons

To understand the roots of racism and colonialism issues, the Mons Memorial Museum has teamed up with Pitcho, a young multi-faceted artist. They propose an exhibition entitled “Decolonial Identities. From Africa to Mons” to question the colonial memory of the inhabitants of the Mons region.


May 13, 14 and 15, Tontelange

The Tontegrange Festival preserves its customs, anchored since 2013. Saturday afternoon is dedicated to children and families. In the program: lots of creative workshops, three performances and a ranking craft competition.

On Sundays, artists and craftsmen meet in barns and garages with performances.

6.The art of ceramics

From May 14 to June 22, Andenne, Cultural Center

Andenne Ceramic Art, has more than eight exhibitions, in five different places in Andenne and its surroundings. Or the largest event dedicated to contemporary pottery in Belgium. This time, in addition to various exhibitions, artists from South Korea will be featured. This May 14 is dedicated to conferences.

7.Twentieth Art Fair

From 11 to 15 May, from 11:00 to 19:00, Brussels, Palais 3, Brussels Expo

The first edition of the Twentieth Art Fair aims to celebrate the various artistic movements of the 20th century. Belle Époque, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, surrealism, vintage furniture as well as contemporary design and art will be represented by about fifty Belgian and international exhibitors through pieces of furniture, paintings, objects, sculptures and jewelry.

Next weekend (May 21 and 22)

histori ariu

May 21 at 5:45 p.m., Grottes de Han

Sometimes dangerous, sometimes gentle, the brown bear conveys a host of images to the collective unconscious. The Hani cave area proposes to (re) discover by going to meet the six inhabitants of the animal park, in the company of a guide and his anecdotes.

Reservation required on 084 37 72 13 or

gathering of trees

May 22, at 10:00, Ellezelles, Ecomuseum of the Pays des Collines

A 35-mile drive will take you through the landscapes of the Pays des Collines. This year, the walk will focus on fences, these natural field fences and meadows that play an essential role for biodiversity but have been somewhat forgotten.

Reservation required: 0489 16 93 10 or

beer marathon

May 21-23, Liège, Guillemins station

This festive marathon is for runners who want to have fun. On the program: 42 miles decorated with 16 hoppy stages, to be performed at less than 6:30 a.m. Saturday, May 22nd. This year the participants are invited to come dressed according to the themes of the 90s.


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