Alicia (finally) finds her cat in Bruno, netizens outraged by false suspense of the show

In reality TV, anything is allowed, including countless different and varied suspense. But there is a topic that has been talked about a lot Married at first sightIt’s a loss for Alicia’s cat. The 28-year-old coordinating nurse took all the risks to finally find him…under Bruno’s bed.

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last week in Married at first sightViewers of the M6 ​​show experienced an unbearable suspense: Aliciahardly married to brunofrom lose your cat. While her husband was preparing breakfast for her, the young woman realized that her cat Olympe had disappeared and was no longer in the bedroom. An unfortunate event occurred when I warned Bruno. “You have to be careful because you’re on the ground floor. Olympe doesn’t know life outside, you’ve never gone out”so she said.

later disappearing, It’s a complete marriage that has been called into question, leaving Internet users in a state of hibernation. But better than bad Alicia, because after several minutes of searching, where The 28-year-old candidate went so far as to skip the French window From the bedroom, Olympe is found under the bed.

It’s all for this

Inevitably, after a week of waiting, and the craziest theories that viewers fancied (like the fact that the production had imagined a coup d’état disturbing this duo’s lives), we were entitled to expect an even more exciting—if not dramatic—result. No, you read that correctly: The cat was very frightened under the couple’s bed.

This news – which we should be happy about – did not, however, enjoy unanimous support among Internet users. Married at first sight. Many of them expressed their dissatisfaction on social networks, eavesdropping in particular on the overflow of the dramatic representation of production in emission aggregation. Some even go so far as to claim that they have “They lost 10 minutes of their lives” In this experience, you have “hit rock bottom”. On the other hand, for Bruno, this is a relief: “Me, I was already wondering how I would be able to get over the loss of her cat.”

Anyway, if you are looking for a good place to hide, the bed seems perfect for that.

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