All sporting events this weekend in Eure-et-Loir

National 2

(chicken A)
Châteaubriant – C’Chartres Football (Saturday 6pm)

National 3

(middle of the chicken)
Amilly J3S – C’Chartres Football (b) (Sunday 3pm)

Regional 1

Azay-Cheillé – St-Georges / Eure (Sunday 3pm)
Bourges Foot 18 (c) – FC Drouais (Sunday 3pm)

regional 2

(chicken A)
Louisante-Masai (Saturday at 6 pm at Stade Claude Desgros)
Mainvilliers-Saran (B) (Saturday at 7pm at Stade Bernard Marroquin)
Nogent-le-Roi – Portugal match (Sunday 3pm at Jules-Bigeard Stadium)

regional 1 female

C’Chartres Football – Bourges Foot 18 (Sunday 3pm at James Delaru Stadium)

Regional 3 female

(chicken A)
Nogent-le-Roi – Ingré (Sunday at 1pm at Jules-Bigeard Stadium)
FCO St-Jean – Epernon (Sunday 3pm)
Amilly FC – Bouzy-les-Bordes (Sunday at 3 pm at the Municipal Stadium)

Section 1

Corville – Tremblay-les-Villages (Saturdays at 7 p.m. at Dr. Jordan Stadium)
St-Georges / Eure (b) – Ilière (Saturday at 7 pm at Stade Jean Leroy)
US Vallée-du-Loir – Dreux ACSDF (Saturday at 7 p.m. at Michel-Robic Stadium)
OC Châteaudun – Angerville (Sunday 3pm at Stade Michel-Robic in Bonneval))
Pro – La Verte Vidam (Sunday at 3 pm at the Municipal Stadium)
Champhol-Louisant (B) (Sunday at 3pm at Paul Doubelt Stadium)
Sur – Am. de Lucé (b) (Sunday at 3pm at Stade Pierre-Delachaume)

Eure-et-Loir Cup (Quarter-finals)

Mentinon (R3) – C’Chartres Football (c) (R1) (Sunday at 3pm at Stade Le Guereau)


French Cup

C’CMHB – Nantes (Friday at 7 pm in the Jean Cochet Hall)Sergey Kudinov


US Dreux-Vernouillet – Pau Nousty (Saturday 8:45 p.m. at gym)

(chicken 2)
Nantes (2) – C’CMHB (2) (Saturday 7pm)


(Chicken 3)
US Dreux-Vernouillet (2) – Maison-Alfort (Sunday 4pm at gym)


(chicken 2)
AST Châteauneuf – Carquefou (Saturday 8:30 p.m. at Taugourdeau Gymnasium)

(Chicken 3)
US Dreux-Vernouillet – Lanester (Saturday 6:15 p.m. in gym)


AST Châteauneuf – Mainvilliers-Chartres (3) (Sunday 4pm at Taugourdeau Gymnasium)


Entente Ouest 28 – Selles / Cher (Saturday at 9 pm in the Siraba Dembélé Room)
Chambray (3) – UNO (Saturday at 9 pm)



(chicken 1)
Paris UC – Dreux AC (Sunday 3pm) Maxim Brickmann


you try
Divisional Championships for Triple Boarding, Saturday and Sunday all day at the municipal bowling alley.

Divisional tournaments for triplets, all day Sunday at the bowling alley.

bow throwing

Fufen villages
TAE outdoor competition and the Division 3 Regional Round, at the Gilbert Boleyn Stadium shooting range. Shooting, Saturday 3pm and Sunday 9:30am.


Divisional Championships at 50 meters at Delannoy Shooting Range. Shooting, Saturday and Sunday, all day.

Sports Games

Youth activities “Les Poussinades” at the Jean Brock Stadium. Tests are on Saturday at 2 pm.

off the field

Phoenix Trail. Trails 8, 15 and 29 km. The first race kicks off on Saturday at 2pm at Saint Jean’s Village Hall.

Nugent Le Fi
The fourth edition of the 6-kilometre walking steps. Departure, Sunday, 9:30 a.m., Easy Sports, Raymond Dupont Stadium.


Fufen villages
The third stage of the future challenge at the Coeur de Beauce Aquarium. Tests, Sunday 2:30 pm


The first round of the Departments Cup will be held on Saturday at 2:00 pm and the fifth round of the Central Cup will be held at Jan Bowen Stadium. Events, Sunday 8:45 a.m.


Cycling “La Ble d’Or”. 3 routes with a length of 153, 111 and 71 km. Departure Sunday at 10 am from the Michel-Castaing sports complex, rue de Josaphat.

Pass’cyclisme D3 and D4 races, departures at 9:30am and D1 and D2, departures at 10:30am + Junior, Trainer, Minimum and Women’s Championships. The first race starts on Sunday at 2:30 pm in front of the village stadium.

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