All you need to know about fitness to slim and sculpt your figure

It is the best way to lose weight and build muscle. The method, the exercises, the benefits… The expert gives us all her tips for doing well and starting out nicely.

From the thighs to the buttocks, passing through the muscles or arms… Fitness It is a very complete system that allows you to It works on all muscles from the body and Boost your athletic status globally. “Originally, Fitness make up Physical preparation for all sports. It is a set of exercises that improve your technique of running, swimming, climbing … Today, it has become an athletic discipline in itself ”explains the athletic trainer. Lucille Woodward. “It is the cornerstone of all sports. Fitness helps to progress both physically and muscularly. The idea is to develop all your abilities to prepare the body for effort: Flexibility, bodybuilding, resistance, endurance, cardio Breathe….” In gyms, Fitness is available in many fun and innovative versions (body pumpAnd ZumbaAnd High intensity fitness programAnd Step, AerobicsAnd TRX…). How do you start gently and find the way that works for us? Follow the guide!

Patience and rigor are essential! Fitness It is an incremental system, learned and tamed step by step. “First of all, it is necessary to do a good start to learn the basic movements and position yourself well. After two or three months, you have already reached a level of level. You have to strengthen Endurance By doing long repetitions with the first loads that are not too heavy,” the recommending coach continues Two to three sessions per week to startPlus, another outdoor cardiovascular activity. “You shouldn’t set unrealistic goals. If the pace is too intense right from the start, you risk exhausting your body too quickly and demotivating you.” Once we incorporate practice into our routine and master the core exercises, we can move on to the next step: “Next, we continue to develop volume for Gain strength and define muscle. The ideal option is to do 10 x 10 reps per muscle group. Do not hesitate to The intensity and difficulty of the exercise varies regularly so as not to stagnate.” Session durationThere is no preset format. It’s better to focus on the quality of the workouts rather than the quantity: “25 minutes intense and methodical is more effective than an hour of jumping all over the place anyway…” adds the coach.

There are many ways to fitness exercise. The body pump requires weights to gain size, the Zumba mixes bodybuilding exercises with dance, the TRX is done while suspended from the bands… However, there is a common rule and some basic exercises that come back a lot. Squats, lunges, deadlifts, pelvic or chair lifts effective for Works on the lower body. Push-ups, abdominal exercises, abdominal exercises, abdominal exercises, abdominal exercises, or push-ups In high demand for Upper body sculpting. “When you want to improve your physical abilities, it is important to set a series of a certain number of repetitions for each exercise,” advises Lucille Woodward. “After a while, your body weight is no longer enough to progress. Feel free to challenge yourself with all kinds of accessories: Skipping rope, dumbbells, weight, ball, rubber band… They also make it possible to diversify the exercises and find a little fun. Sports should still be fun and fun! “.

For more intensive practices like HIITThe High intensity fitness program or the Tabata methodIt is best if you are accompanied by a qualified sports coach or take lessons in small groups. These extreme methods allow you to develop strength and speed even deeper using very thin muscles.

stop at Fitness Myths ! This discipline is not limited toFit girls“From Instagram… affordable to everyone (even beginners), fitness allows you to achieve your goals at any level and make them last for the long term. It’s the best way to achieve it.” Weight loss ! Physical fitness increases muscle mass, which allows you to increase your daily calorie intake and thus lose weight steadily and permanently while eating. Even better, by building muscle mass, we are aligning the silhouette,” emphasizes Lucille Woodward. According to the trainer, The results are visible from the first month…provided you have regular exercise and do cardio in addition to that. with the key? Toned thighs and buttocks, better movement and renewed energy!

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often forgotten, Stretching is necessary When you do fitness (or any sport) regularly. “The stretch They are an integral part of the model, they are very important. If we only do that Muscle Building And the heart But if you don’t stretch, you risk injuring yourself or damaging your joints. Without stretching, we are less efficient in our discipline because we lose range of motion, we are more limited. For example, in swimming, we swim less distance. In running, we take shorter steps and jump lower. Stretching is life insurance for movement.” Trainer tip? Is a one-hour session per week dedicated to stretching for at least 12 to 24 hours after the effort so you don’t break muscles.

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