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I remember that one day, stuck at the exit of a parking lot, he could no longer find his ticket and I naively took it to him: “ We are stuck because the barrier won’t open? And he answered me at once with great pride: Involve the first, and there is no longer any barrier. The image and memory of the husky sound of the V8 engine that still reverberated in my mind as we drove in the most attractive and elegant SUV, with its leather seats you slide in if you’re not attached to it, but above all a luxury SUV capable of going to any Place and cross everything.

Subsequent iterations of Range rover In the most recent version I could see, it was at the popular show Carpool Karaoke, with James Corden driving a Range. Mariah Carey, Justin Bieber, Elton John, Jennifer Lopez, or even Stevie Wonder, among a slew of celebrities, have stepped up to host a host late late show To sing out loud for a walk. Today is the third generation of Range Rover Sports Which I’m about to discover at the Land Rover headquarters, in the development center in Gaydon. To get into this most secret cache, you have to show your credentials and, above all, put down your cell phones. Back to school, again, with a notebook and a pencil. We pass corridors, we pass through a maze of alleys where everything has been carefully hidden and where all the staff welcome you warmly along the way, but you have this feeling that behind them hides more than treasure, offices of design and manufacture, and even secrets that no one is alien to land RoverHe must know or only hint. Total immersion in the movie show” spillway ». In an over Hollywood production, we follow the pilot in a short film set in the Karahangukar Dam in Iceland, where Jessica Hawkins has to contend with 17 kilometers of “impossible” terrain, as the pilot will have to climb a 750-ton waterfall. water per minute in reverse. A “life and death” challenge, because as time goes on, “the water level in the dam rises,” a mysterious voice warns in his walkie-talkie. “Where do I begin?” she asks, against the backdrop of agonizing music that signifies the end of the world. Dam engineer Sigurbjörn Nökkvi Björnsson offers us the largest power plant in Iceland. “Driving a car through a stream is a huge challenge, and there will only be one fatal outcome if something goes wrong: the car will drop 90 metres, and Jess will likely be no more than that,” he said in an unsure of words. Ringtone, ring. The audience is holding their breath…

Despite the wise advice of an old man who reluctantly tells us – because the area is said to be haunted – a rumor dating back to 1345 where locals saw a creature in the river, which he also saw “moving through the water like a giant snake”, young Jessica Hawkins puts on her helmet and decides to set out On board the new Range Rover Sport. Nothing stops him, he pierces streams, rolls through giant canals of tubes, and ascends steep slopes into a mountain hollow where radio transmissions are cut off. After that, I go out and climb up not one road, where we see a Range Rover advancing like a bug scurrying around and climbing flawlessly. It’s the final stage, rushing through a torrent of water as the ground resembles an ice rink. The elements of nature are unleashed, but Jessica continues to advance, ” We lost the camera Jessica is still riding and seems unstoppable, she says, sighing as she finally makes it to the top. For this slightly larger third generation, which is 4.95m in length, the Range Sport It maintains its symbolic form coined with three fading stripes, amplifying the dramatic aspect, theatrical sense, which is enhanced by its more attractive Florentine red. Clean lines and well-hidden details. Embodying the vision of modern luxury, or the essence of simplicity and lightness, the new collection leaves behind surface embellishments. Thus, all surfaces were leveled and joints disappeared.

In the foreground, all the technologies are harmoniously integrated into the grid, behind the black bar, to enhance this feeling of visual foreplay. At the rear, we notice the signature of the new uninterrupted light, as well as the license plate that has been lowered to enhance the seat and the sporty character of the car. But what amazes us most is the delicate work of the taillights, as we note the care and application in the interlacing of LEDs arranged like lace.

Inside, the leather seats, which are now optional for environmental reasons, have been replaced with a similar new material called Ultra Fabric.
Note the installation of an air purification system with a nanoparticle filter to reduce odors, bacteria and allergens, in particular Sars-CoV-2 virus.
Gone are the plastics we once knew, and welcome to the forged carbon omnipresent presence where there is a large 13-inch center touch screen. Also interesting is the emergence of an active noise cancellation system to filter road noise or tire friction to make flights on the plane more comfortable and listening to music more enjoyable, or enjoy listening to the sound of the engine. A little curiosity about this new Range Sport is the 15 Meridian speakers camouflaged in the doors. Thus, there are 15 speakers, a subwoofer, a 400-watt subwoofer, or the Meridian 3D surround sound system version with 19 speakers, including a subwoofer and subwoofer. amplifier 800 watts You will complete the driving experience. that it James Corden Looking forward to the next karaoke! Well-being on board can be observed with adjustable, heated and ventilated seats, with 22 different adjustment parameters memorized, with a massage function and headrest pillows. The New Range Rover Sport It will be available at V8 biturbo engine 4.4 with a power of 530 hp and 750 Nm, with a six-cylinder diesel engine of 250 and 350 hp, and a plug-in hybrid with 440 and 510 hp. They are able to drive on electricity up to 113 km.

land Rover Already announce a Range Sport In the year 2024 which will be 100% electric.

It’s due to be commercialized at the end of 2022. That’s enough to make our mouths water at La Revue Automobile, and above all to give me such a huge frustration that I still haven’t been able to experience it New Range Rover Sport Which looks very promising.

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