Art meets nature on the weekends of May 21 and 22

On May 22, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., SPARKOH! rue de Mons, 3, Frameries

This Sunday is International Biodiversity Day. On this occasion SPARKOH! invites families to the 5th edition of the Sustainable Development Festival. The workshops provide a fun way to discover the ideas of different actors for a better ecological and solidary transition.

In total, there are 25 booths exploring topics such as biodiversity, housing, energy and food. Visitors will thus discover the amazing properties of the blob, this unclassifiable living being. Neither animals, nor plants, nor mushrooms, it acts as a recycler in our forests. To go even further, CNRS offers the opportunity to participate in an experiment aimed at studying the impact of climate change on the blob.

Four performances, including two for children from 4 to 12 years old and from 6 years old, will question with humor and poetry our connection to nature and everyday gestures. Improv comedians will walk the SPARKOH site! and you will also find old games, a lap, Climat board games and a clay craft corner for the little ones.

Booths and museum access for those under 18 are free.

2.Art trails

May 19-29, Ciney, Place Monseu, 23

In Condroz-Famenne, spring rhymes with art. For several years the works of art have been installed in nature, between the municipalities of Ciney, Hamois, Somme-Leuze, Havelange, Gesves and Ohey. The circuit thus created extends over 141 km and offers to see nearly fifty works belonging to the Land Art artistic movement. Appearing in the sixties, it consists of direct intervention in the space and landscape components with natural materials such as branches, leaves, rocks. Therefore, most parts are transient and evolve over time until they deteriorate. This year, thirteen artists will install eight additional works over a ten-day stay.

Twelve circles from 7 to 16 km allow you to discover some of the works. They are not marked, but detailed on a map (3 €).

3.Festive glasses

May 20-22, Charleroi, glass museum

Jewelry, stained glass, sculptures, carvings, glass can take many forms. Throughout the weekend, 32 artists will demonstrate their talent for carving, sculpting or making fiery glass. They will also be available to discuss their art.

4.Privacy in photos

May 21 to July 10, Flémalle, Walloon Center for Contemporary Art

Two photographers, François Goffin and Thomas Chable invite Serge Giotti to present his work for intimacy. An “AvventurA” which consists of photos of suspended moments in Sicily, landscapes, tranquil nature but also delicate views of his beloved. Other artists also present their own images that symbolize intimacy.

5.Nature Days in Brussels

May 21-29, Brussels

The city of Brussels is full of green spaces, some of which are unfairly overlooked. Brussels Nature Days lead you to discover these pearls during guided walks which start in different parts of the capital. Nature films will also be screened in Flagey from May 23rd to 29th. On Wednesday, May 25, an animal day in the city ends the program.

6.Maitrank Festival

From 21 to 22 May, Arlon, Municipality

Every year in Arlon, on the third weekend of May, maitranku is celebrated. This typical drink consumed as an aperitif and with a jealously preserved recipe will flow freely in the heart of the provincial capital of Luxembourg. Harmonies and folk groups will enliven the festivities. A concert aperitif is planned especially on Sunday morning.

7.Vanne Caravan

May 22, from 10:00, Tournai, Saint-Pierre place

The Tour de France is in July, but in the meantime there is Vanne Caravan. It is not necessary to be a cycling champion to take part in this bizarre 18 km bike tour. Those who do not pedal are also welcome from 16:30 at Parc Marvis for the rest of the festivities: concerts, children’s entertainment, street shows, bar and catering.

Next weekend (May 28 and 29)

hot air balloon

May 26-29, Saint-Ghislain, Grand-Place

Ascension is celebrated with great pomp in Saint-Ghislain. For four days, craftsmen, used goods traders, food trucks, historic vehicles, fans and hot air balloons will occupy the city center. With the culmination of the festivities the release of balloons in front of the station.


May 28, from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm, Blegny, Salle Saint-Jean Berchmans

Blue Chimay, Rochefort 8, Triple Westmalle or Orval, will all be ready to be enjoyed on the stands set up for the sixth edition of the Sentier des Trappistes in Blegny. Foreign Trappists (Tre Fontane, Spencer, Trappe) will also be available.

Info and reservations: 0479/42 68 08

Port life

From 26 to 29 May, Port of Blankenberge

The port festivals in Blankenberge introduce visitors to the former maritime activities. Folklore groups of fishermen as well as contemporary music groups will walk through the port market which will be lined with booths where you can taste the fish and learn how to cook it.

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