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This dialogue is worth developing because art and sport promote individual liberation and collective cohesion. The 2024 Games can be a catalyst to bring the two sectors together and accelerate projects already implemented by partners. In particular, this convergence can take the form of the participation of sports partners in the cultural field and the involvement of cultural partners in the sports field.

An artistic residency, understood as a prolonged period of inspiration, dialogue, research and creativity in a sporting environment, is one means of promoting the dialogue between art and sport. Accommodation here is not understood as providing a place to live and work. It constitutes time to research, create and work on site, without automatically providing an allotted space.

Associated Artists and Athletes It aims to encourage and support the establishment of artistic residencies in the sports environment to achieve the following objectives:

Two project calls will be launched, respectively in 2022 and 2023, to implement at least 12 stays per call.

every residence Associated Artists and Athletes federations Three classes of partners : A cultural institution that spreads its activities mainly in Paris or in Seine-Saint-Denis (which holds the project) is able to build and support one or more designed dwellings Author artist, or artistic team and one athletic skeleton (the club or place of practice, training or research dedicated to the sport) located in Paris or Seine-Saint-Denis.

Technical specialties: Projects may relate to one or more of the following artistic disciplines: visual arts, performance, literature, comics, cinema (scenarios), music, theater, dance, puppetry, circus, etc.

Sports specialties: Projects may relate to one or more sports disciplines (Olympic and Paralympic in particular).

Cultural Foundation He will be able to design a residency project in a sports setting, in close collaboration with an artist or art team and with partners from the sports movement. It may be based on an indicative list of sports sites you wish to host accommodation, created by the City of Paris and the department of Seine-Saint-Denis. This list is not exhaustive, the cultural institution is free to approach the sports structures of your choice in the two regions. The Cultural Foundation will be able to support the project in all its dimensions throughout its outreach, with all project partners.

Artist (or Art Team)
You can immerse yourself in and draw inspiration from the life of the sports structure, accompanied throughout the stay at the cultural facility.

athletic skeleton, Participating in all phases of the project, he will welcome the artist, promote his integration and create a close association with the sports community.

Residency can be deployed from fall 2022, over a free period, in line with the objectives of the project – including mediation times (presentation, meetings and exchanges) – and without exceeding 9 months. The on-site time, which can be divided, will be determined in consultation between all the partners involved. Special consideration will be given to the sports calendar.

The produces works During the stay they will remain the property of their authors.

organization Technical delivery (Diffusion), which can be an intermediary, will be served at the place of residence and/or at the cultural institution or other place at the end of the time on site.

In addition, one or more refunds can be programmed allowing for housing reporting, in particular during the cultural festival associated with the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2024. If the City of Paris envisages a global refund, the Seine-Saint-Denis and Paris 2024 department, it will be Define conditions later.

Accommodation will be subject to Qualitative and quantitative evaluationin coordination with the Cultural Foundation, to which all relevant partners will contribute.

Financial support from the City of Paris, the Department of Seine-Saint-Denis and Paris may not exceed 2024 for each specific residence project 30,000 euros in total. The amounts are paid in the form of a subsidy, and the total public aid cannot exceed 80% of the total budget of the project.

For each specific accommodation project, regardless of the budget already committed and the expenses incurred, the local authorities cannot be held responsible for any additional amount.

This call for projects is open to cultural institutions that spread their activities mainly in Paris or Seine-Saint-Denis, able to build and support a residence in a sports environment in Paris or Seine-Saint-Denis, who apply with an artist (or artistic team). The artist (or artistic team) has a professional career of at least 5 years and usually resides – or has a regular professional activity – in the Ile-de-France region.

Accommodation reserved for an artist from the Overseas Territories (see box at bottom of page).

Partner offer:

Project submission:

The cultural institution can only submit one application per call.

Applications should be sent via e-mail and at the same time to the following two addresses: [artistesetsportifsassocies puis après le signe @][artistesetsportifsassocies puis après le signe @] And
[artistesetsportifsassocies puis après le signe @][artistesetsportifsassocies puis après le signe @] at the latest July 1, 2022 at 8 pm.

Late applications will not be reviewed.

The files will be scanned based on the three criteria below:

Comprehensive curricula, particularly with regard to disability, will be carefully examined.

Special attention will also be given to take into account Equality issues between men and women and for Sustainable Development Goals.

The selection of the projects will be guaranteed by a jury comprising representatives of the city of Paris, the department of Seine-Saint-Denis, Paris 2024, as well as artistic, cultural and sports figures.

The stage of confirming the feasibility of each selected residence project among all the partners involved will then start. Once the feasibility is confirmed, by contracting out the project, the dwelling can be installed.

Any communication about the Residence Project must include a mention of support for the City of Paris and the Seine-Saint-Denis-Paris 2024 department. Waiver of non-commercial rights to represent or reproduce the businesses and businesses of the Residence and the City of Paris and the Seine-Saint-Denis-Paris 2024 department will also be included in the contract.

Selected projects will benefit from the Olympics Cultural Poster from the Organizing Committee of the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, subject to acceptance of the General Conditions for Use of the Poster and compliance with the Olympic Charter.

A webinar to introduce the call will be offered on June 8 at 11 a.m. More information here.

The deadline for applications is no later than July 1, 2022 at 8 pm.

The jury will meet during summer 2022.

The winning projects will be announced Subject to subsequent confirmation of this decision by the Council of Paris or the Provincial Council of Seine-Saint-Denis.

Corresponding funding will be disbursed in the fall of 2022, following deliberations by the Parisian and Sequano-Dionysian executives.

The first homes can be built in Starting in the fall of 2022.

Residency primarily intended for a project undertaken with an artist in residenceH Abroad

In order to strengthen links with departments, regions and communities abroad, which are of particular importance in the context of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, accommodation will be reserved as a priority for a project led by a cultural structure created in Paris or in the Seine-Saint-Denis, designed jointly with an artist living abroad.

The selected project of the artist in question will benefit from a residence at the Cité des Récollets (10 .).And) between 1Verse October and December 31, 2022, plus financial support.

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