Atlantic’s first virtual restaurant to open soon in Moncton

On St. George’s Street in Moncton, between downtown and Centennial Park, there are brick apartment blocks on one side and businesses, offices, and warehouses of all kinds on the other.

We find in the building of this heterogeneous area Rob Taylor. The 35-year-old businessman – the owner of a few restaurants in the area – and his partners built a huge kitchen there.

ans. J’ai vu toutes les cuisines”,”text”:”C’est la plus grande cuisine dans laquelle j’ai travaillé dans ma vie. Et je suis dans la restauration depuis 25ans. J’ai vu toutes les cuisines”}}”>It’s the biggest kitchen I’ve ever worked in. I have been in the restaurant business for 25 years. I’ve seen all the kitchensas this co-owner sayseast coast kitchen set.

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The restaurant’s virtual kitchen includes six frying pans.

Photo: Radio Canada/Pascal Reich-Nog

Equipment includes a 32-foot vent hood, eight pizza ovens, six deep fryers, grills, prep stations, fire pits, freezers, spoons and knives galore.

Up to 20 ideas under one roof

The first virtual restaurant in the Atlantic counties will soon appear in these facilities. The match should start in the next few weeks.

Dishes from dozens of virtual restaurants will be prepared there. Customers will be able to connect it – through popular apps like Uber Eats And Skip the dishes – Or order and pick it up on site.

20. C’est ça une ghost kitchen. On fait des saucisses, des milkshakes, des biscuits, des gâteaux, des tacos. Tous ces concepts sont sous un seul toit”,”text”:”On a 12 concepts dans notre restaurant. Et on a des plans d’en avoir20. C’est ça une ghost kitchen. On fait des saucisses, des milkshakes, des biscuits, des gâteaux, des tacos. Tous ces concepts sont sous un seul toit”}}”>We have 12 ideas in our restaurant. And we have a plan to get 20. That’s it, one Ghost Kitchen. we make sausages, MilkshakeCookies, cakes, tacos. All these concepts under one roofexplain Rob Taylor.

Pans, pots and spoons of all sizes hang on the wall.Zoom in the image (A new window)

Chefs will have several utensils at their disposal.

Photo: Radio Canada/Pascal Reich-Nog

Unlike traditional restaurants,east coast kitchen set You won’t have a dining room, receptionist, or even waiters.

Customers who attend in person will be able to order on a tablet and sit to wait for their dishes, nothing more.

Dishes from brands already available in the area – like Suzy’s salads and shakes And Putin paparazzi It is prepared in the huge kitchen.

Rob Taylor And its partners will also revive two downtown restaurants that closed a few years ago. Brooklyn Daily And Pizza Cut Tharwatwhere you can buy poutine pizza, especially when leaving the bars on the street to hand in.

These restaurants were running, but the owners wanted to go in a new direction. So we went looking for it. It will be the same menu, the same sauces, everything will be the same. We’re reviving it here and we’re so excitedHe said.

Some other concepts were created from scratch to be incorporated into the virtual restaurant, such as Medium nacho, Big Dog’s BBQ ShackAnd CenterAnd take the cake And lord of wings.

Minimum expenses, maximum flexibility

Rob Taylor And her partners didn’t invent anything. It is simply inspired by the entrepreneurs across the country and in the United States who have revolutionized the world of restaurants by capitalizing on the popularity of delivery apps.

If virtual kitchens – or shadow kitchens, as some call them – are so attractive, it’s because they allow restaurant owners to significantly reduce their expenses.

Expenses are very important in the restaurant industry. If your costs are too high, you will not succeed. If your expenses increase by 2 or 3%, you may not turn a profitexplain Rob Taylor.

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The kitchen is equipped with eight pizza ovens, among other things.

Photo: Radio Canada/Pascal Reich-Nog

Like east coast kitchen set It will not provide table service and will depend mainly on delivery, the kitchen can be built in a neighborhood far from the city center.

Our rent is really affordable. We have no servers in the front, we only have people cooking food in the back and we, the owners. We don’t have much expensehe explains.

Moreover, it can modify or even delete virtual restaurants very easily. No need to shut down for weeks to renovate and spruce up your dining room.

If the concept is not working or needs to be changed, we can do it in two seconds. We go online, make some changes, go to the kitchen to tell our colleagues that we’re making this changeHe said.

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Like all virtual restaurants, East Coast Kitchens Group will only serve its dishes for takeout or delivery. There will be no dining room, reception staff, or even waiters.

Photo: Radio Canada/Pascal Reich-Nog

Rob Taylor He acknowledges that the concept may not appeal to everyone. Some consumers don’t pay much attention to the idea of ​​ordering their food via an app.

We don’t have waiters to greet you and say ‘hello’ and ‘hello’. People my age and older still love it. They want to go to the restaurant and sit down and consult the menucommented.

That is why a terrace will be built in front of the building, next summer, so that customers can have their takeaway there.

We are making small changes to capture this market as much as possiblehe is referring to.

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