Bayeux: Sports, a family story of Soëtes

Dolphin Suit with her three grandchildren. Martin Chevalier, New Hope at Omaha Beach Golf Course in Port-en-Basin-Huppen, Valere Sout, a Bayou Bessin Judo member, and Eloy Rael, a Bayou Table Tennis player. © Frédéric Bourgeois

“I raised my three children in sports.” in 73And dolphin sweet He still plays tennis four times a week. Discipline began at the age of 15.

Delphine Sottie was not satisfied with passing on the values ​​of sport to her two daughters and son. She is the grandmother of three heroes. Three cousins ​​regularly appear in our columns. Three boys who chose different sports, but they all have the passion and share the same values ​​of outdoing themselves.

  • Martin ChevalierThe 16-year-old is the new hope of Golf Omaha Beach in Port-en-Bessin-Huppain, the son of Adeline Chevallier, born in Soëte. “She chose to swim,” explains Delphine Sot.
  • Valerie Sweet, 16, member of Bayeux Bessin Judo, two-time champion Normandy is the son of Thomas Soëte. “The thing he does is bodybuilding but he also studied judo,” Villiers’ grandmother comments.
  • Eloy Riley, 13, is a young table tennis player from Bayeux Table Tennis who has been enjoying the club for several years. He is the son of Celine Rail-Sut, who practices horseback riding and runs the Sully Equestrian Center with her husband, Miguel.

“I can’t imagine life without sports”

“Sport is part of our DNA,” Delphine Soëte launched, Quadruple French sailing champion interprofessional design on one monohull in the past. “I can’t imagine life without sports,” continues the 70-year-old, who also does gymnastics and yoga. So inevitably, his descendants did not escape from sporting activities. “They were able to choose, but the sport was part of their education.” And it is no coincidence that, after a generation, we find descendants with the same taste for effort.

Valère Soëte: “I loved Castanet”

Valerie Sweet.
Valerie Sweet. © Frédéric Bourgeois

Valerie Sweet16 years old, practices judo Since the age of 5. “I loved Castania, and I was on the move,” Bayusin laughs. “I immediately liked judo because if you win, it’s thanks to yourself. I started competing right away.” From tournament to tournament, Valère Soëte, resident of Bio Basin JudoLearn to trade. But it’s in Benjamin 1Dr A year he got his first title. Calvados champion in 2017, finished the regional podium (third). The following year, he did so again at the departmental level and saw the regional title slip away by refereeing after a tie. It wasn’t until 2019, at minimum 1, that he won his first regional title. “I made great progress that year, which opened the doors for a center of hope in Caen. But the crisis befell me and in particular it deprived me of the French championship.” Valaire Sot avenged in 2022 with his second Normandy champion and a ticket to France. “I totally missed that deadline. . I finished my junior class 2And A year on a good dose of bitterness, but I still have the French national team championship, on June 11, in Paris.”

Martin Chevalier: “The mind is what I love about golf”

Martin Chevalier.
Martin Chevalier. © Frédéric Bourgeois

Martin Chevalier16-year-old is the new hope of Omaha Beach Golf. After wreaking havoc in youth competitions, he is now shining in the adult circuit. “I have been playing golf for four years now. It is rather late. I discovered the sport thanks to Bayeux Leisure Center in the summer of 2017.” Football, basketball, swimming, athletics, horseback riding … before settling in, Martin Chevalier doubled down on the rules. “But golf has always intrigued me. Managing emotions throughout the course; to facing yourself. What I love is the mental aspect of golf.” Along with Costance Detroye, Martin Chevalier, France’s No. 336 among amateurs, is one of the pioneers of the Omaha Beach Golf Academy, coached by Julien Thomas. “He prepares us tactically and technically. We set our goals together and teaches us to work alone to achieve them. We train during the winter period, where competitions are held from March to October. Every weekend!”

Eloy Riley: “Adult Hit Fun”

Eloy Reel.
Eloy Riley. © Frédéric Bourgeois

Eloy Riley13 years, practices Table Tennis Since the age of seven. Develops in Regional 3 within the men’s first team of Bio TTCoached by Alan Detroit. After the ride, Eloi Raille tried tennis and judo. “Table tennis is a lot of repetitive exercise, but there is a feeling and mindset that makes this sport my passion. It is both an individual and a team sport. More often in the face of adults than young adults, Eloi Raille has really forged a great figure around the tables as well as outside:” Adults are very funny.

looks crossed

If they all shared blood ties and the same passion for the sport, Valère, Martin, and Eloi wouldn’t exchange their fighting outfits. The young table tennis player smiles: “As for judo, I was very smart.” “For me, table tennis is a relaxing sport,” Martin Room. “And martial arts isn’t really a thing.” As for Valère, there’s no room to sweat anywhere other than the tatami. “I like to play golf or table tennis, but in my spare time! »

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