Bécarré reinventes the lifestyle hotel industry in Reunion

It was in Saint-Pierre, on the south coast of the island of Reunion, that the Bécarré group, a member of the Promoteurs du Grand Paris, opened Le Terre Sainte, a hotel with a unique lifestyle concept. Ideally located 100 meters from the beach and 200 meters from the city center, the facility, managed by Exsel Authentic Hotels, an Accor group partner in the department, and decorated by local artists, offers 44 rooms, including three in co. – sleeping.

Terre Sainte is part of the lively atmosphere of the district

On the island of Reunion, the Bécarré group has decided to combine lifestyle hotels and contemporary art at the Le Terre Sainte institution, which it designed with architect Jean Pihouée and owns.

Along Amiral Lacaze Road, the hotel, which is now open to the general public, offers 44 four-storey rooms to local customers, but also (and soon) non-reuniting tourists. The offer will be complemented by a seminar room capable of accommodating 50 people, a large workspace and covered parking. Not to mention an artist gallery and a cocktail bar.

One of the features of the institution, managed by Exsel Authentic Hotels ? Its involvement in the lively and dynamic atmosphere of the district, in the heart of this coastal city nicknamed “ the southern capital », Through the resumption of contemporary architectural codes: the use of raw materials reminiscent of the heterogeneous side of the case, the assembly of colored furniture and vintage references.

As well as its ultra connectivity for an optimal passenger experience: USB connections, Bluetooth speakers, internet check-in and mobile key, etc.

After co-operation or reunion, pave the way for sleeping together

This desire to integrate as well as possible into the surrounding environment is reflected in the multiplication of places for exchanges and discoveries within the hotel itself. Starting with the three shared sleeping areas offered primarily for single travelers, consisting of four or eight single beds and bunk.

Designed to live together and located on the ground floor, these spaces all have a seating area and a large common outdoor area of ​​30 m, what gives meaning to the concept of lifetsyle, specify the teams of Christian Bertetto, president and founder of the Bécarré group. Arrangements have also been made to preserve customer privacy within these atypical, unpublished living spaces in Reunion (separate bathrooms, safes, etc.).

Very cheap (accessible from € 35 per night), this offer revises the classic concept of a hostel for young people, offering much more than just beds for travelers seeking escape and adventure.

A place of production and dissemination of contemporary art

Another feature of this new creation by the Bécarré group is its gallery. It will host the works of many artists, will allow a mix of generations and cultures according to events and exhibitions. This is undoubtedly the main objective of the project leaders, who have already entrusted the decoration of the walls of the institution to various local artists, painters, graffiti artists and / or photographers, including Yren, Ador, Kebz, Yann Legall, Fatak, Riani. , Bonheur Graphik, Mehdi MLC, Sept Spray, KCL Pikachu, Rdutemps, Abeil One or Frédéric Rivière. “ These works transcribe in their own way the richness and diversity of the Terre-Sainte district. they say in unison.

Moreover, in this logic of exchanges and discoveries, the hotel will collaborate with Galerie Very Yes de Jace which will offer new exhibitions every two months. Even small concerts can be organized in the medium term.

Participate in the development of the local economy

The opening of the Holy Land enables the creation of 13 jobs, some of which will aim to facilitate vocational retraining and provide an alternative for long-term jobseekers.

Involved in the domestic market for more than 20 years, the Bécarré group is currently conducting negotiations aimed at purchasing new land for the construction of a second hotel near Terre Sainte in the city of Saint-Pierre.

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