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Even if he lost his sight at the end of a long hospital stay where he nearly lost his life, Roche d’Arom looks the same as it did before his bad luck at the International Hockey Championship in Quebec. “It is my joy,” declared the unwavering volunteer, who is reuniting with his second family after a forced break of more than two years.

At the Videotron Centre, behind hundreds of young people who have dedicated themselves to their favorite sport on the snow, volunteers work like little ants every year to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Among this sympathetic shadow army, Roche Derom, who has been watching the credits since 2001, is swapping jokes this week with his partners and shining in.

However, on a dreary Friday, December 13, 2019, the comforting feelings he was enjoying at this moment seemed out of reach.

It was a week before his due retirement as an equipment technician. He was finally able to indulge in motorcycling as much as he wanted with his wife Liz. She enjoys her two children and three grandchildren. Take the time. And of course, getting more involved in his other passion, the pee tournament. Fate hit a few steps from the finish line.

between life and death

During the night, Mr. Derom was taken to Saint-François-Dassis Hospital, after developing a serious infection.

“The last thing I remember is that the paramedic who was with me in the back of the car said to the driver, ‘Hurry up, we’re going to lose him’,” he says.

He quickly moved to the operating room, regained consciousness to tell his relatives, “See you later.”

When doctors found his internal organs were no longer working, his family was told several times that he might not be able to survive overnight. He did not wake up until five weeks later, after being transferred to the Enfant-Jésus Hospital.

Despite appearances, it was not time for him.

“When I regained consciousness, I said I couldn’t see anything. The ophthalmologist came and saw that my nerves had run out of oxygen and were damaged,” Derom says.

The result: he could no longer see in his left eye at all and retained 5% of his sight in his right eye.

“Just straight ahead, as if I were looking through a straw,” he says.

Don’t feel sorry

Despite everything, it only took him a few minutes for him to realize that he would never feel sorry for himself.

“I tell myself my sight is 65 years old, it’s really beautiful. You have to live with it. I didn’t want to turn around in a noisy corner. My wife told me we would get through it together.”

The nerves in the feet were also affected and it was necessary six weeks of rehabilitation to learn to walk again.

Throughout this agonizing period, it was also for his second family, the pee tournament, that Roche Derom clung on.

“The thing that bothered me was the tournament. It was the event I loved the most in the world. This tournament is my joy, it’s family,” he notes.

Furthermore, to prove it more than a simple cliché, the first visitor to go to Mr. Derom’s bed after his immediate family was the Tournament General Manager, Patrick Dohm.

I wasn’t conscious, but when I was told this, I was moved. This says it all. I always felt appreciated in the tournament. He added, choking on emotion.

Holding his breath, Roche Derom was able to explain what had brought him to this stage in this unrivaled tournament.

“It brings a sense of humor to the youth. For many, this is one of the best times of their lives to play in such a big arena. Contributing to that is just wonderful »

Yes, off the ice, it’s also a Quebec tournament.

At the Videotron Center on Friday

8 AM – BB

  • Cree Nation Bears vs. Saint Laurent Spartans

9:15 am – b

  • Rowan Dragons vs. Gatineau ambassadors

10:30 AM – AAA

  • Semiahmoo Ravens vs. Sun County Panthers

11:45 AM – Bb

  • South Shore Express 1 c. Magdalen Islands Band

1 pm – BB

  • 2 tablespoons of Saguenay Sag. Usta Gladiators

2:15 PM – AAA

  • Los Angeles Kings Jr. vs. De Mortani black and gold

3:30 PM – AAA

  • New England Prospects v. Philadelphia Flyers

4:45 pm – AAA

6:00 PM – AAA

  • Quebec Remparts vs. Huron Perth Lakers

7:15 PM – Bb

  • Hockey Punks Academy v. Quebec Stars Women’s Team

8:30 PM – AAA

  • Hungary Talent v. New Jersey Devils

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