Before the wolf, these extraordinary stories about bears, leopards and llamas in the Breton countryside

1 / bear blues

Twenty-five years later, this mystery still rings in tongues in the Trigoroise countryside. Between the end of August and the end of September 1997, at least six witnesses claimed to have encountered a brown bear in Blouzel (22). Three tourists saw him standing on his hind legs in a field. The motorist had to swerve to avoid this on the bend. Two residents testified that he aimed his mask in front of their house. The police take it very seriously. Two beats are organized. But the plants of plants do not come out of the forest.

Was this huge female (60 to 70 cm at withers) of the griffon subspecies found dead in a pit on October 15? Nobody will ever know. Reports stopped. However, the bear still runs once a year in November. In memory of the cultivated plants, a disguised natural path has since been organized, in the shrubs, from Tréguier to La Roche-Jagu. Her name: 13 km from the bear … from (c) us!

25 years after an agricultural plant was reported in the Trégorroise countryside, the bear still runs once a year between Tréguier and La Roche-Jagu (22) (Charles Nicolas archive photo)

2/ Panthers of Squiffiec (22) and Pont-Scorff (56)

Not far from there, a black panther was reported in the fall of 2011 in Squiffiec (22) by two consecutive witnesses. Sample escaped from the circus? runaway domesticated cats? The research is conducted by the National Bureau of Hunting and Wildlife Services. Putting meat baits, cameras with night shots … But the animal “with big bright eyes” never appears again. Was it just a big cat, like this “tiger” who was certified by county authorities and patiently tracked down in November 2014, at Seine-et-Marne? More than 200 gendarmes and police chased after him, to no avail.

A true tiger – a snowman, that person – nonetheless lived twelve days of escape in the Breton countryside, after a hurricane of 1987. A resident of the Ponte Scruff Zoo (56), the camel exploited a breach – 80% of the facilities were on the ground – to endure a tourist trip . Hennebont (56), Lanester (56), Quimperlé (29), Tensing was finally found, starving, in a park, 800 meters from the park. A few months later, she gave birth to the first children of her sex born in France.

3/ Lion in Bluepanalic Lisconel (29), cats in Llandida (29)

Panic, in August 2010, in Pays Bigouden, after a vacationer claimed he saw a quadrupedal too big to be a cat. Finally, the presence of two circuses nearby persuaded the gendarmerie to patrol all of Lisconel’s blupanale (29). Until they discovered that one of the locals had a cat with measurements well above average. Rebelote, early September 2018: A large spotted animal has been reported in the town of Llandida (29). Five patrols pass through town with a fine-toothed comb. There is no hyena in sight or anything like it.

Brittany has no monopoly on wandering ghosts. The adventurous lioness’ wanderlust fascinated the residents of Maine in July 2017, before falling into oblivion. More than 200 gendarmes and police also set out after an alleged tiger in 2014 in Seine-et-Marne. A terrifying cat was, most likely, just a harmless forest cat.

4 / The Bigleux alpaca of Hennebont

A Clider resident, 29, thought she was blind when she came face-to-face with a llama in early September 2016 in her garden. The animal, who was wearing a halter, had escaped from its owner, a resident of the neighboring town of Ploskat.

He got people talking about him at Hennebont (56) and even in the English papers, when he entered the optics store in January 2019. The unruly alpaca was that of the priest, who introduces us
He got people talking about him at Hennebont (56) and even in the English papers, when he entered the optics store in January 2019. The unruly alpaca was that of the priest, who introduces us to his little patroness (Le Telegram / Sophie Prévost)

Even more surprising is the observed intrusion of an alpaca into an optician’s store in Hennepont (56), in January 2019. Satan, did this camel want to buy glasses? Both! Sabctani was actually the young (seven months old) advocate of parish priest Ronan Graziana. The animal has overcome the fence of the priest’s fence where he resided the day before! The story does not mention whether he was trying to escape recognition. The Bigleux alpaca (if not a fanatic) anyway has made the rounds of social networks!

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