Behind the scenes of the split between EA Sports and FIFA

Electronic Arts has formalized the rebranding of its popular soccer game FIFA by removing the trademark from the International Federation to be called EA SPORTS FC. A strategy justified by the desire to expand the American brand, which felt too narrow by association with the famous four letters.

The end of a long and fruitful marriage. Electronic Arts on Tuesday formalized the name change for the popular FIFA video game. The four-letter acronym representing the top international football body, which was put into EA SPORTS FC from 2023, has expired. The change has been in the works for several months and will therefore be in effect when the contract between the two parties expires. Until December 2022 thus, This has had a long relationship of 29 years. The price that FIFA demanded to continue using his name (between 1.5 and 2 billion euros over ten years depending on the source) was considered too high by EA, which wanted to expand its reach.

Andrew Wilson, president of EA Sports, reportedly felt that association with the FIFA brand was limiting its development strategy. He had informed his employees during a meeting last November, the content of which was revealed by VideoGamesChronicle in February. “I’m going to be more open…more open than I have been to the outside world,” Wilson said. “We’ve had a great relationship with FIFA over the last 30 years. We’ve created billions of value…c’ just huge.” We’ve created one of the biggest entertainment venues on the planet.”

“What we get from FIFA are the four letters on the chest”

“I would say – and it may be a bit biased – that the FIFA brand makes more sense as a video game than as football’s governing body.” To be smug… What we get from FIFA in one year without the World Cup is the four letters on the front of the chest, in a world where most people don’t see the chest because they buy the game online. As we look to the future, we want to grow the franchise, ironically, the FIFA licensing was actually a hindrance to that. “

Wilson then indicated that he wanted to focus more on the expectations of his users. Reportedly, “Our players want us to expand even more broadly into the digital ecosystem.” “Our fans are telling us that they want us to be involved in this space. Due to the nature of approval timelines and various things related to our FIFA license, it has been. Very difficult and we are moving much slower than we would like.” The breakup finally took place after a few weeks.

EA’s current partnership with FIFA has been extended to next year’s Women’s World Cup. FIFA 23 will be the last game to be released for the franchise. EA then plans to launch EA Sports FC in 2023, a form of interactive gaming in collaboration with more than 300 partners across the football world.

Are real-time matches broadcast to users?

Several clubs and players posted messages on their social networks on Tuesday confirming their presence in the new version of the game. According to the BBC, it will potentially offer players the ability to watch real matches, and experience and present in-game events such as Fortnite. Users with a larger selection of branded in-game items. But major FIFA events such as the World Cup will not be included.

David Jackson, Vice President of EA Sports, told the BBC: “The world of football and the world of entertainment is changing and it is incompatible with our product. In the future, our players will demand from us the ability to be more inclusive in this offering. At the moment, we are treating games as a form An essential part of the interactive experience. Soon, watching and creating content will be just as important to fans. Under the licensing agreement agreements we had with FIFA 10 years ago, there were restrictions that didn’t allow us to create these experiences for players.”

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