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With a career that began over 45 years ago, Sting has connected generations as the few artists of our time. But our mixed memories of the singer’s last stay with his colleagues from the Police force us to be careful. 15 years have passed, it has certainly not improved, we are afraid…

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Pierre-Marc Durivage

Pierre-Marc Durivage

Bass placed over the shoulder, headphones in front of the mouth, worn with a simple blouse, Sting already has the crowd in his pocket when he comes out in the center of the stage, elegantly naked to emphasize the musicians. He invites spectators to applaud as soon as possible Message in a bottle, an eternal piece that kicks off the festivities leaving no doubt about Sir Gordon Sumner’s form. Everyone on the floor jumps to get a better view of the 70-year-old bassist, thin as a string, with a powerful and accurate voice, in fact much more than when he last passed by the old band Bell Center.

Magic works with the measured sequence of such great successes If you love someone Leave him alone, English in New York AND Every little thing she does is magic. “You are here for the hits, it’s wonderful! Now the bad news, I’m going to play new songs, Sting announces, slipping in a few French words here and there. But what makes us know we have a success? I define it this way: in 1978, I was woken up by a worker cleaning my hotel windows, whistling a song I knew. it was Roksane. That was it, a hit. The next song, I started composing whistling. »

Sitting on a bench, with a single center pointing towards him, Sting continues with If it is Lovethe first of four songs from his new album, Bridgeone of his best efforts in a long time.

The audience is less disciplined, we hear people talking around us, but ears are getting tired again when supportive vocalist Gene Noble kicks off in a sincerely inspired solo long To love you. The public then remains connected to Hasty waterdefinitely the best song of Bridge.


Sting offered a generous evening to his fans in Montreal.

“As a child, I had two dreams, to become a musician – I had to want a lot, because here I am in front of you,” says Sting, laughing. My other ambition was to become a cowboy. So I love country music, but I have a problem with authenticity because I’m not from El Paso, but from the north of England! So when the great Johnny Cash played one of my songs, one of the last he recorded, it was like a dream come true for me. »Nice presentation for a slightly darker song, I hung my head1996 song recorded for the album Mercury fall.

Then come the powerful new day, the title song from the 1999 album of the same name, which featured Stevie Wonder on the accordion. Exactly, Sting has taken care of the tour to receive the services of the new accordionist Shane Sage. My Songs ; however, it is not Stevie Wonder who wants it, Sting tells his new colleague. The challenge was accepted, the challenge was met, brilliantly. The rest is The Shape of My Heartexcellent ballad of The Tale of the Ten Summonersrecently brought back to the forefront by young rapper Juice WRLD, who tried it out extensively on his latest hit. Clear dreams ; The handsome player, Sting invited his chorister Gene Noble to cover some passages of the new song, the audience praised.

A little of everything

It’s no secret that Sting flirted with reggae since the first recordings of The Police. If the new settings of I wrapped it around my finger made us lose the original, the reggae conversion of Walking on the Moon and So lonely was perfect, the first song slipped quite naturally Get up Get upsecond in No Woman Does Not Crytwo classics by Bob Marley.


Sting and his musicians on the Bell Center stage

After Texas and Jamaica, Sting then returned to the Maghreb with The desert grewbrilliant with the inspiring Arabic-scale guitar duo of Dominic Miller and his son Rufus.

The last sequence is orchestrated around Police classics, as it should be, with the king of pain, Every breath you take, Roksane – transformed in its central part by a pleasant jazz shake It means nothing (unless it is that oscillation) by Duke Ellington – before ending with Pushed to tearsSting being joined in turn by his son Joe Sumner, who had secured the first part only with his guitar.

After the usual greetings, Sting was left alone on stage to sing the ballad Bridgenice ending to an evening that would have had the effect of erasing some old memories that were a bit too stubborn…

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