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Vegetarians exclude animal protein (meat and fish) from their diet. It must be balanced with other foods to avoid deficiencies. Does a vegetarian diet make you lose weight? What are the benefits of this diet? Answers, existing ideas and precautions.

The vegetarian diet Animal protein is excluded from the diet (meat, fish etc.) but includes eggs, milk and dairy products. This type of diet has health benefits if it is Balance and that Shortcomings are compensated. What is that Vegetarian diet? Is a vegetarian diet Weight loss ? How do replace the meat ?

Definition: What is a vegetarian diet?

The vegetarian diet he is A diet based on the exclusion of all foods rich in animal protein (meat, poultry and fish) but nevertheless food from animals such as . is accepted Eggs, milk, dairy products and honey. As you understand, this diet is based on the consumption of plants (fruits and vegetables), grains, and legumes (lentils, peas, dried beans, etc.). another direction, Vegetarians or semi-vegetarianswho reduce their meat intake in favor of fish and vegetable proteins.

What are the benefits of a vegetarian diet?

Good manners , It is good for healthWhich is considered nutritionally sufficient and useful for the prevention and treatment of certain diseases, provided that it includes milk and its derivatives and eggs.

Does a vegetarian diet make you lose weight?

not nessacary. Even if we notice Lowest weight gain among vegetarians By the fact that they are sensitive to a healthy diet and lifestyle, as with carnivores, it’s all about balance and proportions. If a vegetarian eats too much fat or too much sugar, they will also experience weight gain.

Here is an example of a vegetarian menu:


  • plain tea
  • oat drink
  • Muesli without added sugar + 1 small handful of almonds

to eat lunch

  • Lettuce salad with fresh herbs
  • Pepper and potato omelette
  • sheep yogurt

having dinner

  • Seasonal soup
  • lentils with vegetables
  • sheep’s cheese
  • kiwi

This diet is indicated for fight constipation;

Who does the vegetarian diet refer to?

For those who need to reduce protein intake with saturated fats such as Chronic kidney failure, is referred to in particular. Being rich in dietary fibre, it is ideal for Helps fight constipationIts low-fat intake helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, and it is also recommended for all people who are concerned about the health of their food, whether because of their personal convictions, religious reasons, or environmental and environmental reasons. Beware, a 2017 study highlighted that irritable bowel syndrome is more prevalent in vegetarians. Avoid it if you suffer from irritable bowel syndrome.

Avoid if you suffer from irritable bowel syndrome

elderly people: be careful. Aging leads to a decrease in bone and muscle density due to ageing and lack of activity. Suddenly, A vegetarian diet should be adapted and contain more protein to avoid muscle wasting. Supplementation (or supplementation) of vitamin B12 and some minerals is to be expected.

Meat or fish can be replaced with Cereals and pulses to me every meal In order to consume enough protein. For vegans, that is, those who allow themselves to consume eggs and dairy products, iron intake is guaranteed. Moreover, since the latter offers more variety, it is easier to follow in the long run.

To avoid shortcomings, it is necessary to Sufficient food diversification With special attention to The amount of protein consumed at each meal.

► The deficiency of animal proteins must be compensated by eating adequate proteins from Eggs and grains (wheat, rice, barley, oats, corn, etc.) are especially present in breadmacaroni, flour… legumes (soybean, lentil, bean, etc.) and oilseeds (Almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts…).

► It is essential during every meal thatCombine grains and legumes In order to provide all the amino acids the body needs: corn, red beans, white rice, peas, oats, tofu or wheat semolina and chickpeas.

► To avoid any iron deficiency, You should eat eggs, dairy products (milk, cheese, yogurt, etc.), legumes, parsley, seaweed, salad..

he is It is recommended to eat fruits or vegetables rich in vitamin C with each meal (broccoli, citrus, pomegranate, pepper, etc.) that promote iron absorption andAvoid coffee, tea or wine, which reduce its absorption.

If everything is in order, there is no abnormal stress or a feeling of weakness, the diet is balanced.

What are the contraindications of a vegetarian diet?

This diet is not recommended for children Because of the shortcomings it can cause. The pregnant women Care must be taken as their iron requirement is higher. They should consume more eggs (cooked) whose proteins have excellent biological quality with a good supply of amino acids.

What are the risks of a vegetarian diet?

If a vegetarian diet is followed correctly, that is, with a good knowledge of a balanced diet, there is very little risk in following it. It is entirely possible to compensate for the elements in meat and fish with an egg and milk vegan diet. But if it is unbalanced, it can basically cause a Anemia Because Iron deficiency (iron of plant origin is less absorbed than iron of animal origin), in Vitamin B12 (In addition to interfering with the production of red blood cells, they play an important role in the cerebral and nervous system) and in zinc. Likewise, the lack of fish in the menu may lead to Omega 3 deficiency If it is not compensated by the consumption of vegetable oils such as rapeseed oil. Special attention will also be given to Calcium is necessary for bone growth And prevention of osteoporosis. Vegetarians (a vegetarian diet that excludes all animal-derived products such as gelatin as well as eggs, milk, honey, etc.) are at greater risk than vegans of deficiency. Even if a well-managed vegan has few contraindications, it remains essential If you are pregnant, breast-feeding, or have a chronic illness Inform your doctor about your eating habits.

to take into account : If everything is fine, there is no abnormal stress or a feeling of weakness, then the diet is balanced. It is only important to be followed by his referring physician, aware of his diet,

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