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It’s spring and during this period to come the French days, an opportunity to find products at a lower cost! We are preparing to leave to avoid stock shortages. What could be worse than seeing your dream new smartphone at a fake price, available and then out of stock? To help you, we have prepared a selection of the best offers of the moment, you can relax.

Save and take advantage of the latest deals and tips to buy at the best price.

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Do you know French days? It’s an event to add to your diary if you decide to save money this year, keep good resolutions! To tell you a bit more about it, it’s the same principle as Black Friday but a nationwide process that many e-commerce sites like Cdiscount have established. This event takes place twice a year, in winter and spring for a short time, which is why you should definitely write it down in your diary, Save the date.

French Days 2022: a selection of the best sports and fitness shows

  • LONTEK Folding Electric Treadmill 199.99 euros instead of 259.99 euros
  • ISE Folding Exercise Bike 109.99 euros instead of 119.99 euros
  • ISE foldable indoor kayaking 229.99 euros instead of 269.99 euros
  • Squat cage, adjustable rack from 15 levels to 79.99 euros instead of 99.99 euros
  • Costway Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board 189.99 euros instead of 255.99 euros
  • ISE Roman Chair 109.99 euros instead of 139.99 euros
  • Amazfit T-Rex Pro Smart Watch 149.99 euros instead of 159.35 euros
  • Ancheer vibrating platform with 229.99 euros instead of 279.99 euros
  • OneTwoFit vibration platform with €97.99 instead of €116.99
  • elliptical trainer in 399.99 euros instead of 499 euros

French days on Cdiscount: How’s it going?

It is a period dedicated to sales and bargains, and now this event is eagerly awaited by all those who want to take advantage of good deals, as there are big promotions at this time! During the last French days, in Cdiscount, millions of people took advantage of the discounts. During this long weekend you will find many products at discount prices in all Cdiscount worlds: entertainment, high tech, crafts, home appliances…

This is a special year, given the health context, more of us would like to support French companies that have suffered through the economic crisis. The French Days is an opportunity to support the French traders while having fun, a winning group!

Exercising in fitness: what is it for?

Many people are used to not going to gyms anymore and have found equally effective alternatives to working out at home. It is possible to train in a fun way to maintain motivation and maintain physical activity with ease! First of all, let’s go back to the basics, what is fitness? Fitness combines many activities such as abs and buttocks, cardio, weight training, stretching … the list is long, and it is generally an activity that allows you to exercise the whole body, to strengthen your muscles. More flexible to improve stamina and lose weight. This activity has everything to satisfy those who want to maintain their body, maintain a healthy lifestyle and be healthy. Exercising in physical fitness is a good way to take care of yourself and maintain a good physical condition.

It is a sport for everyone, and it can be practiced with more or less intensity according to your needs, goals and physical condition. This practice involves many activities and often we find something that works for us. Exercising with music is stimulating, interesting and fun, and it is often used to have a good time and maintain a good level of motivation.

Fitness Benefits

The benefits of fitness are quite numerous and you would definitely have noticed if you had already done a few sessions! We follow the exercises and must maintain a rhythm that can continue, and progress is rapid when we start the first training sessions. Quickly, the exercises seem easier and easier, we recover faster and our body becomes more harmonious, and this does not bother us! The results appear on our bodies and fitness also has an impact on our health. After a fitness session, you feel more relaxed.

  • You will gain flexibility, fitness exercises will work your joints, tendons and ligaments, and your movements will be more extensive.
  • Fitness burns calories and is designed to work on specific parts of the body depending on what you want to target. Sometimes certain muscles are hard to work, but with fitness exercises you will find a way to target them.
  • You will learn how to better control your breathing and improve your ability to recover, Fitness is an endurance sport and thus improves your cardiovascular capacity.
  • It is an anti-stress activity, and is considered a calming and effective exercise to combat the stress accumulated during the day. Get rid of the steam and feel lighter!
  • Do you want to improve your complexion and get smooth and even skin? Fitness is ideal to feel better in your body, you take care of your appearance and at the same time you will not hide it, your spirits rise!

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