Bjorn Johnson underwent surgery

Montreal have been hit by injuries since the start of the season and that doesn’t change.

After returning from devastating COVID-19 over the holiday season, Bjorn Johnson will miss several weeks with a broken toe that requires surgery.

And there is Romel Coyoto, who contracted the dreaded virus during his time with the Honduran national team. short. There are not many people to play in the attack.

“It’s a pity for Bjorn, who was returning, and for Rommel. We need everyone because we’re looking for a first victory,” Djordji Mihajlovic said on Wednesday.

Piette’s return

On the bright side, there is a gradual return for Samuel Peet, who has not played since injuring his foot in a match against Honduras with Canada on January 27.

“I feel better in my feet. It’s a bit of a weird injury. There are so many things to treat at the same time.”

“I started running last week with a bit more vigor and changes in direction this week.”

In particular, he injured his Achilles tendon, as well as a bone bruise that needs time to heal.

slow back

However, don’t expect to see Quebec facing FC Cincinnati on Saturday.

“I’m coming back gradually so I don’t skip any steps until there is no setback to my foot and ankle.”

Since he’s playing it safe, he’s unable to set an exact date for his return to the game.

Do I take it for two days or a week or two weeks? I do not know him. We go there day in and day out. It’s hard for me to say that I will be present in a particular match.

Do not judge

In Piette’s absence, Ismail Kone found a place in the squad and seized the opportunity to shine with a goal and two assists, earning him a first call-up with the Canadian national team.

“I’m very happy for Ismail, what he’s doing now is really impressive. I’m happy to see another Quebec, another Canadian, perform,” said Peet, a good player.

This person does not feel competitive with his young colleague and in any case does not have the possibility of influencing the course of things at the moment.

“My injury means that I don’t have control over my situation in the team. When I come back with the group, I will have more control.

“It will be up to me to prove to Wilfred [Nancy] That I have my place, either as a start or as a substitute.”

good communication

There was also talk of the club’s new president, Gabriel Gervais. It seems that the current passed between the two men.

“We had a great get-together with him on Tuesday. I had the opportunity to casually chat with him in the kitchen,” Piette remarked.

“We have the distinction of being Quebecers and bleeding into the club. It is also encouraging to see a former player return as president.”

The midfielder retained the desire to bring the club back to the heart of Montreal sports news.

“He wants to take his place in the Montreal market with the intent of growing CF Montreal across the province.”


Samuel Peet also spoke about Canada’s victory over Jamaica on Sunday, which allowed him to secure his place in the World Cup.

“I was in the stands with David Waterspoon and Stephen Vitoria who were injured like me. About ten minutes before the end, they asked us to come down so we could live our last moments on the edge of the field.

“I’m not going to lie: the emotions came out and I shed some tears with my teammates.”

For the 27-year-old Quebec, Canada is just starting to warm up and has big ambitions.

“I know for most people who follow us from the outside, this is a historic moment.”

However, we know that this is only the beginning. We still have a lot to prove and we want to show the country and other countries that Canada is a good football country. With the quality that we have, we have nothing to envy other countries.

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