Board Games: Expectation and Evolution

There are games that are expected more than others. In this category, we offer the French version of Everdell. But that’s not all, we offer you a trip to the Moon as well as a trip back in time … To New York or London.


  • 1 to 4 players
  • 10 years +
  • 60 minutes
  • $ 92.99

Great success when it was published in English, we had to have the patience to finally have it in French in Quebec, due to translation errors and production delays, but the wait would be worth it.

We have before us a beautifully illustrated chart, which is marked by a three-dimensional tree where we can choose goals and rewards to start each new season.

We are in the Everdell valley which is populated by charming creatures and where we find a variety of buildings. Your goal will be to build a village there that will allow you to accumulate points.

The best thing about Everdell is its ability to combine worker laying, panel building and engine work, three mechanics very well known in modern gaming.

The large game board offers a valley where you can collect creatures or building cards, as well as resources or even complete objectives.

Resource recovery is done with the placement of workers, whose number will be limited in winter. But since the game spans four seasons, you will get updates along the way to make your operation more efficient. This simulates the growth of the village.

Resources will be needed to play different cards. However, on a chain linking principle we have already seen in The Seven Wonders for example, some cards will allow you to add others for free.

The idea here is to choose a good mix of cards that will provide resources during the game and points at the end of the game. And the construction of the village must be done cleverly as it should not exceed 15 letters.

Regardless of the appearance, this is a family game that young people aged eight and up should start quite quickly. We take a turn and the mechanics is assimilated thanks to its great fluency.

A great success that makes you want to play.

Welcome to us Monday

  • 1 to 6 players
  • 10 years +
  • 25 minutes
  • $ 54.99

There’s Welcome to your perfect home and welcome to New Las Vegas. Here is the high point of this trilogy which pushes the cork much further.

To turn everyone in the bathroom, is like its two predecessors a game where you turn over pairs of cards. These provide a number and an action that is performed on a deleted sheet in this case. Thus accumulate points.

Where the previous two installments were relatively simple games, the lunar version goes much further.

We are in front of a game that extends to a campaign. This means that we will not only score boxes, but advance the game by completing missions that will become increasingly difficult.

This time, we do not have just one game sheet coming back for each new game. Instead, we have different trays deleted for each new mission.

In addition, we add cards that modify the game mode, and even some game rules.

It is a more ambitious and evolved version of the game, the Magnum Opus of its creators. And it works.

We are caught up in the idea of ​​carrying out missions that turn out to be increasingly difficult. It is ridiculously effective.

Moreover, the game offers a mode with a player that puts us in front of an artificial intelligence that is not always appropriate.

You will break your head, but above all you will chain missions to try to “win the game”.

Get on board – London and New York

  • 2 to 5 players
  • 8 years +
  • 30 minutes
  • $ 42.99

New York and London are known for the complexity of their traffic, which is why the public transport network is developed and essential.

In this tick game, you will need to draw the best possible circuit of the bus by rotating the cards that will impose lines to follow and intersections to connect.

Simple? Not so much, as space remains limited on the congested streets of the two metropolises. It will also be necessary to avoid crossing twice at the same junction or making loops. No, the snake can not eat the tail.

The scorecard offers numerous opportunities for in-game bonuses, so plan ahead to optimize each of the 12 rounds.

The ambiance is very lively and evokes the 1960s, associated with the welcoming style to your perfect home.

It remains an easy game which, once you understand the details of the various bonuses, is easy to play. After all, we mark boxes and throw sticks on a game board to make our bus line.

You will only have one more step to take to make itineraries for STM.

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