Brest Stadium. Successful season, transfer window, target positions, training position: Interview with sporting director Gregory Lorenzi – Prestois Stadium

What is your assessment of the season?

It’s successful especially compared to the end of last season where we finished very badly. There was a change of coach and we weren’t necessarily ready for that, we had to rebuild. A new coach has arrived with a different vision and a distinct group. It took time. We haven’t won 11 games and we’ve seen a lot go down, and they said Brest was really the first team to go to the second division. I knew we had a good group and that we could fight with 6-7 teams in our tournament. , including Troyes, Clermont, Angers, Reims … and I couldn’t stand people saying that Brest was unable to compete with them. We had to have this calm, this perspective, to stay calm and not lose our positions. At one point, we were leaning to the right side, because we never gave up on that.

What do you mean by “no loss”?

Everyone is wondering, I’m first because I’m advanced in the sense that I pick the coach and I’m hiring, so I’m one of the managers. At the time, the question was: “Did I make the right decision, didn’t I go wrong in certain things? I kept telling myself that we could do better, and everyone realized that. I’m also putting the players in front of their responsibilities. Maybe we’ve gone from one extreme to the other in terms of management.” “But they had to be able to accept certain things. In turn, the coach can adapt to a different group and I would say he was able to get the most out of the team. This place in the standings has not been stolen. This is the first time that we officially keep a history of April 15, which means that the club has moved forward. Today I appreciate it. I know the city of Brest and its resources: I know what we can do and what we cannot do.

Brest will start his fourth season in the Premier League next season. Is the club now well-established in Ligue 1?

Not yet, even if we are viewed differently. I feel that at the level of discussions with agents and players, they are seeing the development, and they are pleasantly surprised to see that we have facilities. It’s a club with a serious family image, organized and quiet. There is stability in the trend and it is a fairly positive environment. But in terms of notoriety, we are still far from attracting players of a certain level with more experience. We don’t conclude with a club that could be attractive financially, nor sportingly compared to a rating that some already know. I don’t know if we’ll get there one day, I think it’s going through a lot of changes, like a new stadium. Every year, the sale of the project is an eternal restart. We’ve been selling several players for 3-4 years and in this starting point concept, we’re watching. Foreign clubs, and some big ones, come to see what Brest is. We begin to attract, but there is a balance to be found.

Let’s talk about next season. The players’ contract expires in June. Do they have a future in Brest?

Paul (Lassen) wants to turn the page. For Dennis (Paine), the adventure is over. Regarding Sebastian (Siboa), there is no possibility of extending his contract as much as we want three goalkeepers next season, not four goalkeepers like this year. Finally, there is the case of Julien Fausurier: For now, the trend is toward departure. I need to talk to him again.

Youssef Balali is also out of his contract.

After the departure of Roman Fever, the coach wanted to replace him numerically. After that, I do not think that Pfeiffer’s departure changed anything, on the contrary, that is, it did not weaken the team. Of course, it is always better to have quality players in the team, but nothing has changed from the performance side and the numbers speak for themselves. Playley was an extra solution and when you take a player like that who has done great things on another continent, there is always a question mark about adaptation, mentality etc. That’s why I didn’t expect more from him. People heard so much about her that they were disappointed after 4-5 matches. I do not. When he absorbed things, he made good matches. You had to get rid of it three weeks ago, now you have to keep it.

And what is your position?

I am neither surprised nor disappointed nor elated towards him. We know what he is capable of doing, just as we also know what he cannot do. The idea is to want to keep it, obviously. But today there are economic reasons between what we can give him and what he can wish for. We will remain calculated, and it was clear: We will not be a club that will be able to deliver what it has in the Gulf.

There are three players on loan who will return to their club…

Our desire is to be able to keep “Ronny” (Pierre-Gabriel), we want to build with him, we want to invest in him through purchase. There have been exchanges with Mainz, but we do not yet know the outcome of this file. Regarding the other two loan players, Lucien Agome and Martin Satriano, we can’t decide. Inter is the one who holds the cards and doesn’t rule out anything. Keep it, sell it or lend it.

On players under contract, now…

(He cuts). Today, I keep everyone. I’m more into a workforce enhancement perspective.

The face of Stade Brestois will be different next season. (Nicholas Creech)

Bekpela got an exit voucher last summer.

It was last season. All the players who have one year left on their contract, I won’t open the door to leave, that’s for sure. There are four grandchildren next season and the disadvantage is indisputable. These are the players who know the club and know how to do it and save time. Players who leave us, we will replace them with others who bring us added sporting value. My priority is to have a stronger, more technical and more intense set.

There is the case of Gauthier Larsonor, they are all the same. What is the position of the club?

The coach was clear. Another goalkeeper wanted No. 1 and we took Marco (Pezut). I think, mathematically, he showed everyone that he’s very good. I can understand it’s hard for Gautier because he’s done great things with us, and a story has been created and we have to respect it. Today, Marco is No. 1 and Gauthier realizes that such a situation is neither simple nor obvious. For his sake, he must be able to find a project that will allow him to revitalize and re-launch his career. We will open this possibility to him if it exists.

There is also the position of Frank Honorat, who we imagine coped well after his good season (10 goals and 6 assists in 33 games).

I’m happy, it’s a very good season. He has statistics, he is a manager, and he is a technical leader in the field. We depend on him. I know he’s being chased, but we’re fine with that. With Romain Faivre being maintained and sold this winter, we are under no obligation to sell. We don’t have a knife under our throat and our desire is to keep it. There may be offers, but he still has three years on his contract.

Do you already know this summer’s conversion envelope?

It will be bigger than last season. I recruit in 7-8 players and in that, we will try to make 3-4 investments.

What are the targeted positions?

one per line. We still have a rule and a rule and the goal is to improve it.

One per line, that is?

We want to harden the core of the game, we want one per line in this central column (central defender, midfielder and striker, editor’s note) and refine the other positions, then.

Will there be any changes to the training center trainers?

No, we want to keep everyone. Everyone has a contract extension, it’s our wish.

Will young people become professionals?

No, but we’ll be evaluating so some will join us once we’re ready. Today, in Brest, it is very difficult to implement a training project because it must be said, and perhaps I am also responsible for it, the structures are not simple. There is also competition in a region with clubs that have more resources. This does not mean that we cannot do better, improve better. Our findings are positive but we may not have the profiles ready to feed the professional group. The boys showed good things but they need time. I wouldn’t say to the task force, “Young people should play.” On the other hand, some may have the possibility of incorporating training into progression. And maybe in a year, two or three years, they’ll be complementary players.

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