Brittany: Laurent Dubost, an athlete who has fallen ill, his message comes from the heart

Laurent Dubost: “There is life after heart surgery.” © d

This is the story of a man who lived a thousand lives with sports. Laurent DubostIt’s an unbelievable CV. It was racing bike riderShe participated in the world championships of windsurfing (surfing on land), and practices running, fencing, judo, and swimming.

Creator of the assembly Heart of MontesHe is now promoting the beneficial effects of exercise on cardiovascular disease and regulating, in Dole de Brittanyon July 2 and 3, 2022, an event for the Heart and Research Foundation.

“Sports were my life”

Laurent Dubost, in the ’80s and ’90s, is a corpse of muscles and lungs inflated with helium and supercharged energy.

Rally driver, car and motorcycle, he has many Dakar around the clock. Not to mention her participation in the “Paulsion Passport”. The “ancestor” of the modern multi-sport adventure.

Crazy raid, more than 12,000 km, across eight countries, being restricted Surfing, motorcycling, running, swimming and cycling, etc. “I had this ability to adapt quickly to a new discipline,” says the sixty-year-old today.

“Sports was my life. I had the energy, I was curious, I was thirsty for discoveries and challenges.”

And so, Laurent Dubost went through his adult life at such a wild pace, even if at times it meant resigning and returning, once his prowess was accomplished, to the IVF specialist that hired him.

“I was tired”

Laurent Dubost is also the story of a man who fell ill. that of heart Which made him turn in his fifties.

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“I was getting more and more tired. I came home exhausted at noon. I no longer had the strength to cook myself, I fell on my sofa. I didn’t understand what was going on.”

Lauren’s heart tires super fast. Time doesn’t help things. Neither treatments nor hospitalizations.

a Bicuspid aortic leak He was finally diagnosed. She is the reason for this acute heart failure.

open heart surgery

There is no choice, it must be done by Laurent Dubost Transplantation of two heart valves. He is 56 years old and underwent open-heart surgery on April 4, 2017. That was it, or certain death a few months later.

His sister, who was diagnosed with medication for the same disease Pathology At that time, he wouldn’t be so lucky. She will die a month before the planned operation.

“I don’t feel alive anymore”

a New life Then it starts. A life made up of drugs, rest, and the heart “clogged” at a speed of 110 beats per minute. A life inconsistent with that which the Bretons, originally from Normandy, have always lived.

“I no longer feel alive. A sedentary lifestyle has affected me. The sofa, the TV, is no longer possible.”

The click will come while staying at Ventoux.

“I was frustrated climbing this legendary mountain by car. I saw all these cyclists, I wanted to do the same.”

“It doesn’t have to end”

For Laurent, this is clear. “Life is not like that. Everything does not have to stop because of the operation. It was decided that he would go up Vento by bike Also the following year.

His first exercise? Four kilometers around his home in Taden, near Dinan. “I come home exhausted. At his own pace, calmly and gradually, he presses the pedals until he completes 70 km. The game is about to win.

“Okay, you’re sick but…”

with help electric bike And his friend, the late Hubert Auriol, climbed the Ventox in 2019. “We ended up being 60,” Phoenix laughs at the effort.

Laurent Dubost has just born a new chapter in his life. Encouraging others like him to “move to their hearts”.

“Well, I was sick, but do not remain sedentary. A sedentary lifestyle leads to acceleration of aging. Sports keeps you fit.”

The challenge that became collective

There is life after heart surgery. You can do a thousand things, and you have to do them only if you “do them at your own pace”. This is the message of the Cardiac des Monts association created by Laurent Dubost. It has become a personal challenge collectively in favor of research into cardiology.

And after a fresh run at Ventoux in 2020, Laurent Dubost has changed pace by launching Cardiac in Dol Country and Mont Saint-Michel Bay in parallel. With Hubert Crespel, a former physiotherapist and orthopedist, passionate about ‘sports care’ and ‘prevention’, he brought together more than 200 cyclists alongside a cycling legend in France last year. Bernard Hino.

This year again, his association will organize 2And edition of The heart of the Baie de Dole and the bay of Mont-Saint-Michel The weekend of July 2 and 3 (read below) before a new release on Mont Ventoux on September 17 and 18.

with cardiologists

Laurent Dubost also took himself specialists François Carré, a cardiologist and sports physiologist, and Jean-Philippe Verhoy, a hospital surgeon, at his side gave testimony again recently at a public meeting organized in Baguer-Bekan.

With this letter over and over again:

“The goal is to generate interest in sport and physical activity for everyone, whatever their level. It is about leading the public on the paths of effort, discovery, participation, progress, history and above all the happiness of being in good physical shape.”

Laurent Dubost puts his heart to work to get this message. And if this isn’t the craziest challenge of his amazing sports career, it’s undoubtedly the most beautiful.

The second edition of Heart of Dole and the Bay of Mont Saint-Michel, for the benefit of the Heart and Research Foundation, will take place on Saturday 2nd (Dole Heart Village) and Sunday 3 July (Byking and Hiking of Dole) Three cycling trails are available. They are open to all types of bikes (road, mountain bike, gravel, VAE…) Departure at 8.30 am from Dol-de-Bretagne (allée de la Ville Nicault) along the 85 kilometer route. Departure at 8:45 am for the 60 km run. And at 9 am for the 34 km course, registration only without jersey: 20 euros. With swimwear: €50 New features include 14.5km Nordic Walking and 9.9km Hiking. Departure 9.15 a.m. Registration: 5 euros (before June 30) or 8 euros (on site) Information: Mail: Tel:

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