Bye Bye 2021 Save our bad year

New Year’s Eve on December 31 promised to be sad and chaotic, just like the past 12 months. The return of curfews has stifled what remains of our collective flexibility, and golden girl Betty White has died at the age of 99 and Videotron’s Helix service is down at the start of the TV from the universe.

Updated on 1Verse January

lets see. At some point, the curse of 2021, a crisis, will suffice. Fortunately, the Bye 2021 Headed by Simon-Olivier Fecteau he made us forget this extraordinary year full of tragedies, with his series of vignettes and vignettes punctuated by surprising appearances.

Patrick Howard wearing Dan Marino from Dégât Fitness, it was tough. Claude Legault in Denis Coderre’s film hitting the invisible wall of vaccine passport advertising, was solid. RBO’s comeback — in full — in its iconic graphic of the mini paddle remixed with 2021 sauce, was perfect.

Photo provided by Radio Canada

Patrick Howard wearing Dan Marino from Dégât Fitness

And Bruno Blanchet (in Georges St-Pierre or in Patrice Roy), we’re bored, Lord. What a lovable and adorable humorous bug.

No wave of COVID-19 political gags or scathing parodies of the dire state of the world in this Bye 2021whose mission was not to further divide a population already on edge, but to make people laugh for an hour and a quarter while forgetting the bad movie we’ve been showing since March 2020.

Very compact the first 15 minutes of Bye 2021 Bringing a steady pace to the show hasn’t slowed down, except maybe during part of Beautiful annoyances, is quite predictable and less impactful than the rest of the review. However, Bravo for relaying the huge success of TVA to Radio Canada. Only Martin Matt has the strength and talent to rise above Grid Wars.

Also, what a good idea to have rehired talented humorist Pierre-Yves Roy Desmaras for the opening musical credits. To paraphrase his song in Omicron: 2021, nothing has changed, we’re doing the fifth wave!

Photo provided by Radio Canada

Comedian Pierre-Yves Roy Desmarais inaugurated Bye 2021 With a song about Omicron.

It lay right there, the challenge of Bye bye Laughing at the mud of 2021 without bothering us or bringing us down. mission accomplished. The displacement of the phenomenon of popular culture by one of the news resulted in flashes of hilarity such as the movie “The Woking Dead” by François Legault, squid game Real Estate or Hubert Eats make fun of the real Marc Bergievin who ate Schumer pudding with the real Mario Tremblay.

At the beginning of the hour, the Helo clip showed the full effectiveness of this Bye 2021. Within a few seconds, Edgar Frutier, Anne Casabon, Eric Lapointe, and Julie Payet all passed through the wringer. Work was done quickly, well done, thanks good evening.

House band representatives Bye 2021 Especially impressed this year. First, Guylaine Tremblay made an excellent imitation of Anne Casabonne (dirty vaccine!) and Hélène Bourgeois Leclerc. Renamed Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge, Guillaume Le P’tit Viarge de mascot singersIt was surprising and very similar.

After a quick and successful debut as Hubert Lenoir, Sarah-Jeanne Labrousse landed her best moments as Veronique Cloutier in the very fair cartoon “Véro a Chaud”, inspired by the Lotto Mino. No one has yet succeeded in imitating a host 1Precision Once And Sarah Jane Labrousse is the closest. Note that Stéphane Rousseau is a more honest Louis Morissette: “I call Radio-Can you-suite to tell them they just bought us a new TV show!”

Another favorite: comedian Yannick Di Martino who slipped into poet David Goudreau’s shoes, is ubiquitous and recurring on all platforms in 2021. I saw him again three times without getting tired.

Humorist François Bellefeuille takes fewer risks with pastiche, preferring to embody fictional characters. On the other hand, I like very much his Véronic DiCaire in super trance in the striptease sequence mascot singersWhere the “mysterious crow” was alone in the world because it “comes from afar”. I laugh at him again.

As for Mehdi Bousaidan, he takes the initiative with the years. His musical sequence with Mathieu Pepper and Sarahmée was pretty cool.

Of course, this retrospective saw softer moments, like a hockey game at Tivia Sports or Justin Trudeau’s vacation in Tofino. In the Hasbeen Games sitcom, the gag on Jay Du Temple in 800 sloping pajama shirts was dying and Pénélope McQuade’s (excellent Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse) glam look was delicious.

The Travels of Arnaud Soleil, The Return of Danny Vervin or “Weekend Update” by Céline Gallebaud and Pierre Bruno, brilliantly imitated by Guillen Tremblay and Pierre Brassard: Bye bye He gave us a particularly spicy coffee this year.

Come, dear readers. I welcome you to Mundo’s ad, the most successful December 31st. slurp!

Highlights on the evening of 31

France Beaudoin has officially kidnapped Anne Elizabeth Bose, Dave Morissette, Michelle Rivard and Stephane Rousseau and curated a host of artists in her electric studio. Jean-René Dufort, who rarely disappoints infoman, traces the knitting of the Bernie Sanders glove to Vermont. and the teamsee you next year The news of 2021 spent at the factory. A television evening on December 31 at Radio Canada – the competition long since abandoned – was punctuated by sweet, funny, and crunchy moments. Here is an anthology.

The return of Tyra Banks

After giving lessons on “Smiling” to Justin Trudeau last year, the American host, entrepreneur and model has been invited again by infoman, this time to teach French to English-speaking executives in Montreal (hello Air Canada). The result was beautiful, Tyra Banks sings Violet on a bike And even pronounce the expressions “chief of the pecos” and “well, let’s see.”

Marie Nicole Lemieux Surprise

One of the highlights ofNew Years Day live Came where not expected at all. Returning from a commercial hiatus, Marie-Nicole Lemieux completely lost her nerve – and twice instead of once – when her family joined her in rivers of Babylon. It was completely crunchy. What a beautiful moment.

TV series COVID-31

Abbey of the Disappeared were popular Luc Dionne soap operas: Poupou (Sébastien Delorme), Lieutenant Gabrielle Simard (Geneviève Brouillette), Virginie Francœur (Catherine-Audrey Lachapelle), as well as Christian Phaneuf (Emmanuel Auger) and his wife Sophie Carignan (Yves Aubert). Mention the always-so-anxious lawyer (hint: Sonia Blanchard), played by Chantal Lamarie. Almost perfect thumbnail.

Post-Game Pizza by Philip Danault


Philippe Danault and Jean-Rene Dufort in infoman

He tasted advice with Jean Rene on a beach in Los Angeles. Another counts – by interlaced screen – on the ceremonial plateau of France Baudouin. The former Montreal Canadiens striker doesn’t seem to be bored with the “weather cocktails” that hit us in January.

3And pharaonic link

One of the best sketchesInfoman 2021 : A parody of the construction of the Quebec-Levis Tunnel, pasted on images from the movie The Ten Commandments, by Cecil B DeMille. Pharaoh François, Queen Gleopatra, prostitute Anglada and former mayor Ginpolorinacrisi are now part of our world’s heritage.

Happy Alipay year

Photo from Farah Ali Pay’s Instagram account

Farah Ali Bey on the setNew Year’s Day live

Interviewed by Jean Rene in California and greeted by France Baudouin as Queen – and surprisingly – it was exciting to see a NASA engineer cry when she saw her childhood friends and parents in ZoomGarou him Notre Dame – Paris And Mary Eckel from her childhood who took the reins and adjusted it the White ghost.

Photo by Eric Mayer, provided by Radio Canada

One of the surprises in store for NASA engineer Farah Ali Bey was Mary Eckel.

Efficiency of Benoît Paquette

Officially not part of the hard core ofSee you next week, but it delivers the best cartoons out there. Benoît Paquette is as stunning as François Bellefeuille, Guy A. Lepage, Dave Morissette, Mike Ward or Christian Bégin. he sings Ava Like Nicola Ciccone, he tells stories in the same tone as Mario Dumont. Give him a permanent job, it’s urgent!

The enthusiasm of France Baudouin

Photo by Eric Mayer, provided by Radio Canada

France Beaudoin’s New Years Day live

It is impossible to list all the people who were in the studio.New Year’s Day live. Every year, host France Baudouin and her team do their best to wow us. And it works. Even the dogs of the lucky kidnappers got the astonishing opening number. In watching the second episode, we always catch a bunch of details we missed in the first round.

Effective winks

Photo provided by Radio Canada

Veronique Clavo on the show see you next year

Mamadi Camara’s message to infomanInterview with Attorney Rod Bunton (The Man with the Candidate’s Face of Cats), the perfect imitation of Christine Beaulieu by Veronique Clavaux de’see you next yearThe Dion family, the singing aline to me New Years Day liveMichel Deslaurierssee you next year Who talks just like Anne-France Goldwater or René Simard turns the page infomanThe attention to detail has led to the construction of all of these televised retrospectives.

The importance of family and friends

The three children of Michelle Revard, Anne Elizabeth Boss (Guillaume Pinault) boyfriend and friends, and Dave Morissette’s two children, Axel Stephane Russo’s son, there’s no need to go for a 15-second video of Miley Cyrus making magic in New Year’s Day live. The blurry look of the guests when they see their loved ones sing is worth all the men’s gold (and all the love in the world).

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