Canary Islands with a three-man defense, Kluivert to replace the gym

Nantes consisted of a three-man defense

Lafont – Castellitto, Baloa, Girotto – Coco, Motosami, Cherivilla, Merlin – Simon, Kolo Mwani, Plus.

Gym composition with Delort, Goiri and Dolberg

As expected, Christophe Galtier maintained a 4-4-2 with Bulka in goal. Kluivert on the bench.

Polka – Bard, Dante, Todibo, Lutumba – Gueri, Rosario, Thuram, Boudaoui – Dolberg, Delort.

Jean-Pierre Riviere: “Pride and happiness”

Into the RMC microphone, the gym head makes no secret of his happiness before kick-off. “It is a matter of pride and happiness to share this with the fans. I find the players very calm, but the football match remains a football match. It is important because we have the ambition to be at the top of the table, it is very cool. An important match. For Europe, we have two options.” .


Jim Radcliffe: “It’s very important to the Ineos project”

On the RMC microphone, Jim Radcliffe admired the St. Denis box: “It’s a great stadium. It’s going to be a very closed match, but Nice will win. The team that wants it the most will win. It’s very important to the Ineos project.”


Lafont: “We know what we have to do”

At the RMC microphone, the Nantes goalkeeper, this evening’s goal holder, is already focused on the final. “It’s good to see a lot of Nantes supporters. It’s up to us to do the job on the pitch. I’m glad he chose me, it’s up to me to give back. I’ll do my best so he’s proud of me that we won this cup. Live well, we are a group of friends.” We are focused, we know what we have to do. There is still a lot of work to be done. It is up to us to give our all.”


Lyon wins Gambardella

At the end of the suspense period, OL defeated Caen on penalties at the Stade de France (1-1, 5-3). Muhammad Al-Arush had cleared the way for Les Gones and conquered Norman Bassett I by sending his bid to the clouds. This is Les Gones’ fourth success in the competition.

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Possible formation of OGCN

Christoph Galtier maintains a 4-4-2 with Bulka in goal.

Polka – Bard, Dante, Todibo, Lutumba – Gueri, Rosario, Thuram, Boudaoui – Dolberg, Delort.


An accident near the French stadium

A new incident broke out this afternoon a few hours before the final of the Coupe de France at Diderot Square in Saint-Denis. The police immediately charged the supporters of the OGC Nice who were present. Minor injuries should be unfortunate.


Already 39 arrests in Paris

According to police sources at RMC Sport, 39 people have been arrested since Saturday noon in the Gare de Lyon and other Paris sectors.


Ultras Latifah and Law Enforcement are facing each other

Noisy Gare de Lyon. Nice supporters and the police exchanged a few blows. The tense situation subsided a few minutes ago… Some people who left Gare de Lyon find themselves trapped by the CRS while waiting for more calm.


Nice fans Gare de Lyon © RMC Sport

A match before the match marked by clashes

A few hours before kick-off, the atmosphere in the streets of Paris was tense. According to our information, a fight broke out at the exit of the Gare de Lyon. Two minor wounds should be sorry. Police are currently on site to search the area. RMC Sport contacted the heads of the “Aux Cadrans” brasserie and Train Bleu pharmacy, where the accident occurred, and explained that the fight had already involved two groups of supporters.

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Christoph Galtier’s tribute to Dante

At a press conference, Christophe Galtier paid tribute to captain Dante, who will play a new final at the age of 38. “Dante is a captain that we look up to with admiration. I did everything so we could take his place. I didn’t make his life easy. I have great admiration for what he transmits, what he shoots. I’m sure he will be a very great coach in a few years,” Gallitier praised, while Dante, a few centimeters away, gave a broad smile.

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Kombouaré’s passion before the final

The coach of the Canary Islands, who is in the final with his favorite team, said that he was “calm” and “calm” before the duel against Nice. “It’s a very powerful thing for me. It excites, it gives so much responsibility and envy. (…) I have no better way to thank this club and the people who helped me. I welcomed a child here, which has allowed me to become what I am today. I think On command every day,” he said, emotive.

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Memories of Mikael Landru

The last captain of Nantes to lift the French Cup, Mikael Landru perfectly remembers May 7, 2000, the date of the victory over Calais (2-1). “We won and there, at the end of the match, I went to see Reginald (Becque) and said to him: ‘Above all, don’t take it badly… It’s to honor your career and the amateur world. You want, come with me! I think it could represent your background and why’ We play football well!” “I didn’t consult anyone.”

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Nice ex-Alexei Bossetti will be at the Stade de France within the people of the south

The gym is still firmly in the heart, and Alexei Bosetti will be at the Stade de France on Saturday for the final. For RMC Sport, he’s back at length on his enthusiasm. “Nice’s first tournament since 1997 was almost my birth, it’s going to be the weekend of a lifetime, not the end of the season.”

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Nantes: The day the 1979 Coupe de France was stolen…by Lorraine unionists

In August 1979, CFDT fighters north of Lorraine came to Nantes to steal the Coupe de France from La Jonelière. The ‘criminals’ made it clear that they didn’t steal the cup but… they borrowed it to get people to talk about it. “We were trying to create amazing things that would stand out in public. We asked discreetly: You don’t have to be Arsene Lupine to succeed!” , admitted a few years later in the local press Robert Giovanardi, one of the four authors of the book “Borrow”. The quartet of steelworkers immortalizes their “stealing” by taking pictures with their faces uncovered and…with masks.

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Good morning all !

Welcome to RMC Sport for the live broadcast dedicated to the Coupe de France Final. After being denied the title for years, OGC Nice and FC Nantes on Saturday night will try to add a fourth Coupe de France to their roster. Kick off at 9 pm!

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