Croix, Voice: What if crows “voted” before certain group decisions?

If, at dawn, you are tired of hearing incessant squawks under the windows, tell yourself that you are probably attending … a referendum! Researchers have discovered that ravens, the raven, seek consensus before flying in large numbers from the treetops where they usually spend the night. To reach this conclusion, Alex Debne of the University … Read more

Researchers identify powerful cancer-fighting compound in coral reefs

⇧ [VIDÉO] You may also like this partner content (after advertising) In the 1990s, scientists identified a chemical compound that is particularly promising for cancer treatments, eleutherobin. This compound is found on a rare type of coral off the coast of Australia. Laboratory studies have shown that this molecule is a potent inhibitor of cancer … Read more

2022 Global Animal Fat Processing Market Conditions and Outlook Report (Present and Future)

analysis report Global animal fat processing market It is a comprehensive study to analyze the Animal Fat Processing Market in terms of various market segmentations and sub-segments such as regions, applications, product types, etc. For the forecast period. It focuses on the major players of the global Animal Fat Processing market in terms of competition … Read more

animal feed | Nutréa’s flexibility in the Ukrainian context

On an industrial scale, things have not fundamentally changed in animal nutrition. We were ready », says Hervé Vasseur, managing director of Nutréa, a “livestock feed” subsidiary of the Eureden and Terrena co-operative groups (780,000 tons are manufactured annually in five plants). Animal feed manufacturers are well aware of changes in the flow of raw … Read more

A new study finds that chimpanzees use a complex language consisting of nearly 400 “words”.

⇧ [VIDÉO] You may also like this partner content (after advertising) Human language seems very complex compared to other forms of communication observed in the animal world. Scientists are still trying to understand the mechanisms that led to such a difference during evolution. To this end, researchers from the Max Planck Institutes for Evolutionary Anthropology, … Read more

10 Awful Factory Farming Practices, Flesh of Shame

As an occasional meat eater, I sometimes wonder how this delicious steak got on my plate, because society changes and with it some sensitive topics we sometimes discover behind the scenes, such is the case with the horrific massacre videos in which you can see how animals are treated. So, we decided to tell you … Read more