Finding a solution to the shortage of microchips

consumption. The lack of chips also affects household appliances and therefore kitchen designers. Ovens, dishwashers, and microwaves are subject to waiting times unless solutions such as wholesalers or warehousing are found. Cars, game consoles, boilers, wood pellet stoves, household appliances and lack of electronic chips lead to cascading shortages. Kitchen designers are directly affected in … Read more

Gîtes de France®: unveiling of the 2022 “Coup de coeur” awards

Gîtes de France® presents its three winning owners, and they are rewarded for their exceptional accommodations ! Organized each year by Gîtes de France®, the leading French and European company in homestay and guest accommodation, the “Coup de coeur” Awards are an opportunity to reward network owners for their exceptional accommodation. The winners, from a … Read more

Chloe from Brussels Kitchen reveals her religious recipes

From Brussels kitchen Chloé Roose and Céline Cogniaux have sneaked into the kitchens of Brussels chefs to discover 100 recipes for the most popular restaurants in our beautiful Brussels. calendar ? A book to put in the hands of every food lover in the capital. Whether you feel like hunched over or prefer to sit … Read more

Latest Decoration Trends 2022

Baby’s room: the latest decoration trends for 2022 the list Being validated… Written by Camille Sarah Laurent Friday, April 22, 2022 Updated on: Friday, April 22, 2022 Baby will soon join the family? Create a cozy and comfortable décor for your child’s room according to the latest trends of 2022. The decoration of your child’s … Read more

Global Trends Of Cloud Kitchen And Dark Kitchen Equipment, Industry Size And Future Opportunities 2022-2033 [Karma Kitchen, PKL Delivery Kitchens, CloudKitchens, Dephna]

Cloud Kitchen and Dark Kitchen Equipment market research report provides an estimation of the market size from 2022 to 2033 in terms of value and volume. Provides a comprehensive assessment of the major Cloud Kitchen and Dark Kitchen Equipment industry sectors, and business shares with the latest trends and technologies used in the equipment industry. … Read more

Kitchen Battle: The Culinary Passion of Four Candidates

They have an innate talent for cooking and are among the sixteen participants in the Kitchen Battle. This cooking competition is organized by Défi Digital and TéléPlus, in association with Tea Blenders Ltd and Island Meat Distribution. “Battles” will soon be broadcast on the Facebook page and the TéléPlus YouTube channel. Andriano Kayama: A … Read more

How to wear the belt in 2022?

Since fashion is not an exact science and never will be, it is nevertheless an eternal renewal. Evidence for this, is constantly reviewed and corrected, and Fashion trends Constantly adapting to the mood of today’s fashion designers, generations past, keen on all that vintage can contain. Thus marked by the reallocation of trends of the … Read more

Adopt the overall wood look!

Kitchen: Adopt the overall wood look! the list Being validated… By Céline de Almeida Wednesday 13 April 2022 Updated on: Friday 6 May 2022 1/6 wooden kitchen Whether the wood is carved, veined or even cracked, wood in all its finishes, raw or broken but above all unstained, adapts to all styles. 2/6 Total Raw … Read more