The man who planted vegetables

Just one year after its creation, the Ferme de rue Montréal has become a veritable urban ecosystem where an impressive variety of vegetables, fruits, herbs and honey flowers grow. A few years ago, Réal Migneault, the promoter of this magnificent project, made a request that he could use a plot of land in the Saint-Jude … Read more

“She did not deserve my wrath”

The aggressor label sticks to David Chan’s skin. Long inhabited by anger and rage, he hit the bottom after hitting his girlfriend. The 30-year-old shares his way to the cross to make violence a thing of the past, hoping to inspire other violent people to seek the help they need. “This woman [une de ses … Read more

Louise Turcot: no compromise

From the age of 12, Louise Turcot knew she was destined for the acting profession. A choice she never questioned. The publication of her book “Letters to a Young Actress”, in which she summarizes her memories and advice, was an opportunity to see her career, where personal and professional life have not always been easy … Read more

The Paris Court of Appeals decides on rape charges against Luc Besson

The Paris Court of Appeals ruled Tuesday morning on rape charges against director Luc Besson, an iconic #MeToo-era case that was dropped in December. On April 19, the investigative chamber considered the appeal of Dutch-Belgian actress Sand Van Roy against the abandonment of the proceedings, which benefited the influential French director and producer on December … Read more