Board games: 1, 2, 3 … Party

With the return of sunny days, it is the return of aperitifs with friends which are favorable to leave simple games, which are quickly explained, whose games are short and where there is a casual atmosphere. That’s fine, we have some to recommend. video store 4 players and + 12 years + 40 minutes $ … Read more

Documentary of the Week: The Invasion of the Empress of Ireland The Impossible Adventure of Quebec Divers

It only took 14 minutes for himEmpress of Ireland sank in the cold waters of St. Lawrence in 1914. After the emergency operations ended, its ruins were lost for 50 years. documentary InvadingThe Empress of Ireland, featured in History Saturday, tells the amazing story of her rediscovery by Quebec divers. Posted at 13:00. Alexandre Vigneault … Read more

Le Sinner, the most unusual (and sexy) luxury hotel in Paris

Tar: Le Sinner, a high-end institution with a glamorous atmosphere, the latest bizarre address of the Evok group, in the heart of the sparkling Marais, detached from luxury hotel codes. 43 rooms and suites, in total and for all, designed for “aesthetes, urban investigators and special carts, curious to discover another page of luxury hotels … Read more