CFM continues its momentum and wins in Charlotte

Major League Soccer (MLS) teams have struggled to play for Charlotte Football Club recently, which has one of the strongest home fans in the ring. The Montreal Football Club shrugged off that pressure by beating the Expansion team 2-0 on Saturday night at Bank of America Stadium.

The North Carolina club has won four home games recently, losing just one goal. Without the complexes, the football club did not tremble and increased its unbeaten streak in the domestic league to eight matches.

Rommel Koyoto sacrificed himself for the cause at the end of the first half by injuring himself in the crosshairs of Djordje Mihajlovic. Honduras carried the ball deep into Charlotte’s territory and fell the moment he delivered the assist. He was wounded in the shoulder, replaced by Ki Kamara, and upon returning from the locker room, he appeared on the sidelines with a brace.

Mihajlovic now has six goals this season. If the American filled the net at a frantic pace, defender Alistair Johnston was still looking for the first goal in a Montreal outfit. He redressed this situation by defeating Christian Kahlina in the 67th minute of playing with a low shot outside the center.

Gabriele Corbo managed to make a rare start in the absence of Joel Waterman in central defence. Take part in this first Bleu-Blanc-Noir closing in MLS this season. Sebastian Briza performed three Bares to score this.

In the middle, Quebec Ismail Kone came on as a substitute in the 65th minute. He and Victor Wanyama missed the last meeting due to a pile of cards.

CF Montreal will return to Quebec before traveling again, this time to Tennessee, to face Nashville SC on Wednesday.


the other half

84th minute | Ismail Kony (MTL) and Alistair Johnston (MTL) have third place in CFM on the toe, but every time, Charlotte’s defensive brigade is essential.

83rd minute | Jordy Alcívar (CLT) passes the ball to Daniel Ríos (CLT), but to no avail.

77th minute | Kei Kamara (MTL) was forgotten at the mouth of the net, and misdirected his header to the left.

71st minute | Guzmán Corujo (CLT) redirects the ball with a header, but it’s too far away.

67th minute | Target MTL 2-0 Alistair Johnston (MTL) scored his first goal in a CF Montreal outfit and doubled his team’s lead in a superb delivery from Kei Kamara (MTL).

63th minute | Things heat up in the CF Montreal penalty area, defensive majors Benjamin Bender (CLT) and Karol Swidersky (CLT) being denied a good shot.

61st minute | Charlotte FC in attacking position, Karol Swidersky (CLT) equalizes, his left-footed shot crossed a few centimeters over Sebastian Breza (MTL) nets.

52nd minute | Andrey Shinyashiki (CLT) is dangerous. His shot misses the target.

50th minute | Lacey Lapalainen (MTL) and Gabriel Corbo (MTL) miss Christian Kahlina (CLT) goal in quick succession due to a lack of accuracy.

47th minute | Djorji Mihajlovic (MTL) directs a right-footed shot, blocking his shot before hitting Charlotte’s net.

46th minute | beginning of the second half.

first half

45th minute | Goal MTL 1-0 Djordje Mihailovic (MTL) completes Romell Quioto’s (MTL) superb show and CF Montreal takes the lead. In the sequence, Quioto (MTL) had a bad fall and appeared injured.

min 43 | Charlotte FC is more and more insistent, Karol Swidersky (CLT) equalizes without warning, Sebastian Briza (MTL) stands up.

38th minute | Andre Shinyashiki (CLT) does a great solo maneuver and goes there with a great shot, cheating Sebastian Breza (MTL) wakefulness, but not with the metal rod.

37th minute | Joaquín Torres (MTL) is untainted with the left foot, his shot misses just over the net.

minute 32 | Sergio Ruiz (CLT) sees the ball appear in the penalty area, his shot being blocked by Gabriele Corbo (MTL).

the 21st minute | Joaquin Torres (MTL) tries his luck with a shot, and the ball ends up in the side netting.

17th minute | Alistair Johnston (MTL) is patient with the ball, cuts across midfield and hits a left-footed shot, to no avail.

fifteenth minute | Victor Wanyama (MTL) skillfully fired Romell Quioto (MTL) who got the first goal-scoring opportunity for CFM in the game, Kristijan Kahlina (CLT) saves the furniture. Wanyama was in an offside position on the line.

The third minute | Karol Swidersky (CLT) puts goalkeeper Sebastian Brezza (MTL) on the line with a good shot, but also hits him in the head with his boot. After the intervention of the medical staff, Briza (MTL) is able to continue the meeting.

first minute | The start of the game.

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