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In order to brighten your days, +CANAL has marked its summer under the sign of laughter and humor. From “The Office” to “SMILF”, From “You’re the Worst” to “Disaster”: 6 consumable combos to permeate your summer in LOL.

I was the worst

A marvel of subtlety, fragility, and delicacy, in the light of the humor and outgoing rock ‘n’ roll“, according to TeleramaYou’re the worst will put a wide smile on your lips in the blink of an eye. The story is the story of Gretchen (Aya Cash) and Jimmy (Chris Jerry). She is the agent for a rapper, a writer who is struggling with White Page Syndrome. Their common point? Their toxic personality and their dislike of love. Lounging on the streets of Los Angeles and putting on their masks as much as they send out spades, these two colorful specimens try to build a relationship as their masks gradually drop. A small nugget quickly turns into a huge surprise for the audience.

Find the five seasons of You The Worst on CANAL+, via myCANAL.

work in progress

Abby, 45, is in disrepair, in her life, in her sex and giving herself 180 days to end her existence, materializing through 180 carefully placed almonds on her table. Defining herself as a “gay lesbian,” she bores her – quite literally – before confronting Kris (Theo Germaine), a transgender man who completely changes her perspective. With him, hope is reborn at the same time with her right to be happy. Blowing up all the codes of the genre, “Work in Progress” raises questions about identity and representation while eliciting cheerful laughter. Little Gem signed Abby McEnany (who plays the heroine) and Tim Mason. To consume without moderation!

Work in progress is available on CANAL+ via myCANAL.

a smile

A series of and with Frankie Shaw, SMILF paints a portrait of Bridget (Frankie Shaw), a young woman who lives in a deplorable one-bedroom apartment in Brighton. She is a single mother who juggles her son Larry’s education, her job as a teacher to a wealthy family, her often poor schedule and her dream of becoming an actress. As funny as it is touching, fresh as candid, this anti-heroine in the air of the age couldn’t be more endearing. The secondary characters, particularly Bridget’s mother, Toto (Rosie O’Donnell), will not be outdone and drop out of the game thanks to their stinging sense of humor. The icing on the cake, often hot, sometimes frivolous and above all fair dialogue, fell on Frankie Shaw herself, always on time.

SMILF is available on CANAL + via myCANAL.

office (UK)

We no longer offer this paper mill office which has caused a lot of ink to flow since its establishment. Born from the imagination of Ricky Gervais, The Office (UK) is the first version of the series that was then adapted for the United States, with Steve Carell in the main role. In this satirical work, or satire, released in the early 2000s, British humor reached its climax. The English comedian plays David Brent, the captain of a staff in suburban London. Serializing jokes in bad taste and doing everything to appreciate his team, Brent is already hated by others, which causes delicious annoyances on screen. For those who love The Office US, but have never seen the original series, it’s time to get started. Promise, you won’t regret!

Two seasons of The Office (UK) are available on CANAL+ via myCANAL.


Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney are not only heroes in the disaster, but they are – and above all else! The scriptwriters and makers of this series have comedic and romantic dialects. They also met on Twitter and had the great idea of ​​getting together to play Rob, a single American and alcoholic, and Sharon, an Irish teacher who lives in London. After all in debauchery, the duo decided to go their separate ways… before the young woman found out she was pregnant. Ready to raise her child on her own, she is signed by Rob who wants to give their story a chance. Complicit, funny, clumsy and always irresistible, this couple will make you see all the colors… and you won’t be upset!

The Four Seasons of Disaster is available on CANAL+ via myCANAL.

2 broken girls

The 6 seasons of 2 Broke Girls are available on CANAL+ via myCANAL.

First aired in 2011, 2 Broke Girls quickly captured viewers’ hearts as one of the most cult sitcoms on the small screen. Featuring Mad Women, the series is written by Michael Patrick King and Whitney Cummings and tells of the lives and friendships of Max (Kat Dennings) and Caroline (Beth Pierce). Respectively, a waitress who has long known poverty and a former rich heiress to a crooked financier, two best friends decide to live together and join forces to create a cupcake shop. Their worlds confront each other for our greatest happiness, thanks to a good dose of humor mixed with a gallery of enigmatic characters and sprinkled with dialogue that brings home. A recipe that is as delicious as it is addictive!

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