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Some suggestions for youth books for toddlers, children and teens.

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Veronique Larroque

Veronique Larroque

Despicable, but… Useful

With the return of heat and good weather, nature comes back to life. Flowers grow, the grass turns green, birds sing and … mosquitoes bite, much to the chagrin of the young heroine of this wonderful album.

No matter how far she chases them, the “little winged vampires” are determined to spoil her day. However, these unpleasant insects are often very useful and necessary for life, as you find out. Birds, frogs, flowers, and even aliens emphasize this on the pages.

I hate mosquitoes, but...

I hate mosquitoes, but…

Isatis . editions

from the age of two years

turbulence force

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excerpt from office warby Marie-Andre Arsino

Imagine a classroom where students dine at a space station, receive prizes on the “ladder of power,” and stage lightsaber fights. dream right? This is the daily life of the young people in Mr. Olivier’s class until the day their teacher leaves the school in a hurry.

Enraged by the whirlwind of substitution, Padawan decided to rebel. Who will be able to lead the students away from the dark side of the force? Amazing yoga teacher.

Filled with references to Star Wars, this short novel highlights the importance of the relationship between students and their teacher.

office war

office war

Quebec America Editions

from 9 years old

for teenagers

Everything for his mother

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cancerous ascending ostrichBy Julie Champagne

Sam’s world changes when she learns that her mother has cancer. Very Cartesian, the teen puts her pain aside and decides to do everything to save her.

I wanted to fight, take up arms, and restore order in the universe. “A world that cannot exist without my mother at its center,” says the 14-year-old heroine. Hoping to offer an experimental and costly treatment to a patient in Switzerland, Sam launched a crowdfunding campaign.

But the cancer is progressing and she will have to stop being an ostrich. We follow with passion the ordeals of a teenager in this novel that skillfully combines scathing humor and touching moments.

cancerous ascending ostrich

cancerous ascending ostrich

Short Scale Editions

from 11 years old

Everything for a cure

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excerpt from no donuts for squirrels, Text and illustrations by Mika Song

Do you smell that sweet scent? All the squirrels in the garden smell it. It comes from a street truck that was recently installed nearby. Nora and Brioche absolutely want to taste the cakes they cook there. Unfortunately for squirrels, hazelnuts are not accepted as currency.

The friendly duo will double down on their goals in this hilarious graphic novel inspired by the squirrels of New York.

No donuts for squirrels

No donuts for squirrels

Bayard Editions

From 6 years old

Amazing development

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excerpt from Prehistoric Quebecvolume 6 – wonderful flying creatures, Patrick Couture text, illustrations by Martin BM

What was the shape of the ancestors of birds? This wonderful documentary with cartoon illustrations revolves around the question by presenting its evolution over millions of years.

We discover in particular a feathered dinosaur that was very clever to climb but not fly or even a super chicken whose descendants are the ducks and the rooster.

Do you prefer marine or wild animals? The fourth and fifth volumes of this carefully curated documentary series focus on the history of these creatures.

Prehistoric Quebec, Volume 6 - Fantastic Flying Creatures

Prehistoric Quebecvolume 6 – Fantastic flying creatures

vids editions

from 9 years old

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