Chloe from Brussels Kitchen reveals her religious recipes

Whether you feel like hunched over or prefer to sit at a chef’s table, this book is designed for anyone who loves to eat, and above all eats well. Appetizers, main dishes, desserts and cocktails are of course some of the top titles listed in the Brussels Kitchen culinary guide. These are all recipes to bring the best of the Brussels culinary scene straight to our plates!

How did you define these 100 recipes?

“We tried to get as many diverse selections as possible, by picking the most authentic or quality titles. The idea is to have the really cult recipes for these restaurants. Every time, the idea that it’s easy to do at home. There’s clearly some Recipes that chefs wanted to hide.But we have “Cacio E Pepe” from Certo, Carbonara from Osteria Romana, bolo from Tonton… In addition to being able to reproduce a recipe at home, the book also makes you want to visit Brussels and experience comfort.”

How would you describe the culinary scene in Brussels?

” Good question! I would say we have a group of huge, high-quality restaurants. We are very fortunate. Compared to France, we have more distinguished chefs per square meter! I find that in Belgium we have a truly exceptional culinary heritage, with many great addresses.”

Is there an emerging trend? A popular concept right now?

“What comes back after Covid is sharing. We already have little plates to share at the Crab Club, at Rebel, at Ötap, etc. Now, we’re starting to see them in restaurants that aren’t necessarily kitchenettes. For example, I just tested Volta. It’s a joint pizzeria. It’s the harmony that is being highlighted today. Personally, I love it, because I hate having to pick just one dish!

There is also more and more emphasis on the overall experience: not only the food, but also the service, the playlist, the details, the little touches… Today, it is legitimate to order more than a good dish. »

“Brussels, 100 chefs, 100 thawed recipes” (Racine versions, €30)

What recipe (or title) would you recommend…

Romantic dinner?

“I would say Asparagus à la Carbonara from Barge, a restaurant that serves food. It throws hard! Both are absolutely gorgeous with a nice decoration but the recipe is kept very simple, with good products. Carbos usually appeal to everyone.”

welcome his family?

“The polo from Taunton, their cult recipe. It’s obviously Belgian polo, but with specific advice from the chef. It’s a good Sunday meal!”

Dinner with friends?

“There’s a recipe I love: Spaghetti Pesto with Arugula and Red Prawns from Ricciocapriccio. We did it too during an Instagram Live. And it’s very simple after all: just pesto with shrimp in a risotto. It’s so beautiful and so good!”


“Without hesitation, Shakshouka with Smoked Eggplant, from Kitchen 151. It’s a Mediterranean type lunch, served in the pan with bread, it’s so good!”


“Japanese fluffy cheesecake, from Cake Bar, specializes in Asian desserts. I want to make it. It’s a very light, very airy cheesecake.”


“It’s definitely my favourite, because I love mezcal: Frida’s Margherita from Edgar’s Flavors.”

A comfort food dish?

“Fried French Toast With Mozzarella And Tartuvata From Cumin.”

vegetarian dish?

“Gnudi ricotta spinach, by Frédéric Nikolai. It’s a great recipe: they cook like gnocchi but are Parmesan and ricotta balls with spinach inside. With sage butter, it’s super easy and hot! ”

And the next recipe you’ll try?

“I really want to do Yi Chan’s Xiao Long Bao. It’s a product I love and I’ve always wondered how to do it. This is a very special dim sum, ravioli in which there is broth. So it’s a bit technical. Here, it’s shiitake and mushrooms.”

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