Chronicle of “C’est la vie” – Paris Hilton, “I” works

Heiress yet rebellious and distracted yet wise, in her forties, Paris Hilton manages to create a veritable little empire that spans all regions.

For a spoiled, spoiled rich heiress, Paris Hilton turned out pretty well. Millionaire, her fortune, she made her fortune herself, without the constraints of training in her great-grandfather’s mansions. A pure creature of American superficiality, the Nobel Prize in Jet Ski still wins an IB at New York’s Dwight School, a private college. The school aims to ignite the spark of genius in every student.

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What’s next for this ad?

Before she was a genius, the little girl was still an indomitable beast: When her classmates were learning US history and multiplication tables, the teen went out to clubs, tested her resistance to mixing tequila and champagne, and discovered her first ecstasy trips. One night when she was once again preparing to go out for a party, her real-life parents kidnapped her by the followers of Provo Canyon Boarding School. You will spend eleven months in this “punitive colony” of rich, uncontrollable children. In 2020, she testified in a documentary about the torture she was subjected to: humiliation, beatings, half suffocation, and sedation. Shocked by this revelation, the parents fixed things up. Too late. Paris kept the shocks from her – terrifying kidnapping nightmares.

What’s next for this ad?

however. This training in hell didn’t take away his taste for show. She even managed to make her character an offer to sell ice cream to the Eskimos. She had a useful network of contacts, well, but she is a hardworking worker and an outstanding businesswoman. Today, between twenty perfumes, its twenty product lines and forty-five stores … her fortune is estimated by “Forbes” at more than 100 million dollars; The “Wall Street Journal” comes to interview him about the reorganization of his “group”, which has been renamed “11:11 Media”. Like our CEOs. How is this possible? Under her rotten air, this girl sniffs unparalleled directions. And you can’t learn that in business school or university. You ticked all the boxes: brand inspiration, social networking, podcasts, cooking show, and now the metaverse and NFT… I predicted it all.

The influencer announced that she is following the IVF protocol

Before Kim Kardashian, she made her daily life a reality show. Starting with a sex tape dumped on the Internet by an ex like Kim, it became an entrance exam. Next, Paris Hilton publishes a multidisciplinary autobiography: from erotic romance in Ibiza to feuds with girlfriend Nicole Richie, from arrests for excessive drug, alcohol and speeding to staying in prison and his haunting performances in film, music and television. She won three times the palm of the worst actress. As politicians say, whether it is good or bad, the main thing is to talk about me.

What’s next for this ad?

What’s next for this ad?

At 41 now, unlike her slutty sisters, she has maintained flawless skin and a healthy figure. After many engagements, marriages, and marriages, it appears that she has settled with a talented entrepreneur like Carter Reum.
There, never too late to trend, the influencer announced that she was following the in vitro fertilization protocol. Like Kim, like Celine Dion or Michelle Obama or Adriana Karembeu. And cleverly, it now takes you to its destination, “Paris World” (via Roblox, the video game platform). Once you get into his virtual world for free, it’s like going to a casino, and you can’t help but buy: a stay on his yacht, an expensive T-shirt, a DJ party, a work of art (up to a million people) …

While the real Paris Hilton is getting fatter, getting over her nausea, and shedding the motherhood pounds, well, you can treat yourself to the life of a hard-working heiress. Because, yes, queen of frivolity, it’s work.

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