Claude Bernatchez hangs the microphone of the Premiere Heure

This decision is mine. It was not easy to get. But it has been thought for a long time, it has matured for a long timehe explained to his listeners, bursting into tears several times.

I have several years thinking about my professional future. The new challenges I would like to take on, that I am looking for how to get back into a stimulating job that will allow me to still learn a little more about life, about the world.

This sense of being helpful and making a difference in your community is extremely rewarding and I will be eternally grateful that you have allowed me to experience it. »

A quote from Claude Bernatchez, on the waves of the First Hour program

Claude Bernatchez, calm, just moments after informing listeners of his decision.

Photo: Radio Canada / Sandra Lalancette

Brilliant career

Highly praised by his peers, Claude Bernatchez has had an excellent career at Radio Canada since 1988.

He was also a radio and television presenter in Edmonton, Toronto, Montreal, Trois-Rivières before returning to his hometown, Quebec.

h30 qui vous impose une vie de moine, gérer la fatigue qui est devenue un style de vie, les fins de semaine qui ne sont jamais assez longues pour arriver frais et dispo les lundis matin. Je suis fatigué”,”text”:”Le réveil chaque matin à 3h30 qui vous impose une vie de moine, gérer la fatigue qui est devenue un style de vie, les fins de semaine qui ne sont jamais assez longues pour arriver frais et dispo les lundis matin. Je suis fatigué”}}”>Waking up every morning at 3:30 a.m. to impose on the monk’s life, managing the fatigue that has turned into a lifestyle, weekends that are never long enough to arrive fresh and ready Monday morning. I’m tiredhe added before multiplying the thanks for his numerous collaborators over the years.

I have not found yet [ce que je vais faire], but I hope this jump I’m doing a little in the void will allow me to get there. I do not want to become a tired animator in anticipation of retirement. »

Since 2016, Claude Bernatchez and his team have gathered the top positions among the most listened to programs in Quebec in the morning. In the spring, the morning show took pole position for the sixth year in a row.

Claude Bernatchez surrounded by team

Claude Bernatchez (center) and the entire Premiere Heure team celebrated the poll results in June, which then put the program at the top for a ninth consecutive Numéris poll.

Photo: Radio Canada / Sandra Lalancette

Lots of homage

Praise erupted quickly from his colleagues, as well as from his loyal listeners and the political class.

Claude has been part of people’s daily lives in the Quebec region for almost two decades and we are saddened to see him leave the animation of this program so much appreciated by listeners.underlines Julie Lemieux, regional director of Radio Canada in Quebec. But it is quite normal that he would like to have a different pace of life and take on new challenges after all these years.

We want to thank him from the bottom of our hearts for his dedication, professionalism, rigor, humor, his interviews with finesse and depth. »

A quote from Julie Lemieux, Regional Director of Radio Canada in Quebec
Accreditation of Claude Bernatchez for Quebec 84

Claude Bernatchez is deeply in love with Quebec City. We see here his accreditation for Quebec 1984

Photo: Radio Canada / Alice Chiche

Quebec Mayor Bruno Marchand also paid tribute to him on his Twitter account.

Claude is a Quebec morning monument. What a pleasure it was to spend our many mornings in your company. Great respect for the rigorous man, presenter and journalist. The rest will depend on you, I’m sure.he wrote.

I will miss your voice, both clarity and sweetness, a lot of intelligence. Thank you for all these years and good luck for the futurecommented a loyal listener, Lise Lachance.

What a huge gap, this departure of Claude Bernatchez. His voice had been part of our beginnings for several moons. He will definitely be missing! Thank you for your presence Claude and for your professionalism. »

A quote from Suzanne Bédard, First Hour listener

One last on June 23rd

Claude Bernatchez will host his final show on Thursday morning, June 23, and will take advantage of the summer break to reflect on his engagement on Radio Canada.

The person who will follow him will be discovered during the summer.

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